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Version 1.5.6 released

Hi everybody,

today I would like to announce that a new wiigee release is aviable. The most important change with for this release is that wiigee now is divided into multiple device-dependend plugins, which should allow a more flexible use of accelerometerbased devices. If you want to use wiigee with the Nintendo Wiimote you have to integrate wiigee-lib and wiigee-plugin-wiimote into your project. There already exists a plugin wiigee-plugin-android which has been developed with the help of multiple other people. However, regarding to the last emails, this plugin is not very reliable yet. I've to get an Android phone and try it for myself first.... read more

Posted by Benjamin Poppinga 2009-08-17

Version 1.1 released

Today version 1.1 of wiigee has been released. There are two major new features included in this version: wiimote discovery mode and support for the infrared camera. There is also a new website online, Thomas (nodag) did for the project. Have fun. :)

Posted by Benjamin Poppinga 2008-06-12

Version 1.0 released

Today, 27th March 2008, the first non-beta version of Wiigee gots released. There were a lot of mails reaching me and containing tons of improvement ideas, which i tried to realize the last weeks. Not every wish could be added yet since there must be some room for adding some more features in the next releases. There now also exist a JAVADOC under the Project-Website http://wiigee.sourceforge.net/doc/, please check this out. If you notice a bug or missing feature please send me a message or use the Sourceforge Tracker. I wish you a lot of fun!... read more

Posted by Benjamin Poppinga 2008-03-27