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WiiWhorld: Whorld 1.7 has global parameters for Wiimote

Whorld 1.7 is now available for download. This latest release includes some major new features, most notably the addition of global parameters, which enable new forms of dynamic real-time control.

Whorld generates a series of rings, each of which is born, evolves over time, and eventually dies off. When the user changes a parameter in Whorld, the changes apply only to rings born after the change is made; pre-existing rings are unaffected. User changes thus have a tendency to propagate through the image gradually. This ripple effect is an essential part of Whorld's default look.... read more

Posted by Chris Korda 2008-04-08

UltraWhorld: Enhanced Whorld Freeframe plugin released

UltraWhorld is an enhanced version of the Whorld Freeframe plugin (WhorldFF). Whorld is a free, open-source visual synthesizer which allows you to create mesmerizing psychedelic art by animating sacred geometry. Originally released as a standalone Windows application, Whorld was subsequently repackaged as a Freeframe plugin.

UltraWhorld's main enhancement is that nearly all of the Whorld application's parameters and switches are now exposed to the host. This allows you to run Whorld from within your favorite VJ application, without sacrificing the Whorld application's extensive real-time controls; in short, the best of both Whorlds. :)... read more

Posted by Chris Korda 2007-08-13

Whorld Freeframe crash in Visual Jockey Gold fixed

The Whorld Freeframe plugin crash in Visual Jockey Gold is now fixed. The bug could also affect other Freeframe hosts, so all plugin users should download the latest version (1.1.04).


Release notes:


Posted by Chris Korda 2006-07-07

Whorld 1.5: overlay video onto the animation!

Posted by Chris Korda 2006-06-24

Whorld Freeframe plugin released

Whorld is now available as a Freeframe plugin. This allows Whorld to be used within any VJ software that supports Freeframe plugins. Whorld runs as a source plugin, not an effector, i.e. it generates output frames but ignores input frames.

Whorld differs from typical Freeframe plugins in that it loads external patch files. The plugin looks for patch files in a specific folder on your hard drive (My Documents\WhorldFF). This arrangement allows users to customize the plugin's behavior, by loading different patches. Patches are created or edited using the Whorld application.... read more

Posted by Chris Korda 2006-05-01

Whorld 1.4 adds Bézier curves, enhanced patches

Whorld 1.4.02 allows rings to be drawn with Bézier curves instead of straight lines. It also enhances the patch file format, so that a patch includes all effects and master controls.

Curvature is controlled using two independent variables, called "Even Curve" and "Odd Curve". One affects the even vertices, while the other affects the odd vertices. Curvatures are normalized, such that positive values produce simple curves, negative values produce loops or curls, and at
zero, there's no curvature. For an illustrated paper on the control point algorithm, see:
And for examples of the curves in action, see:
http://whorld.org/gallery/bezier.html... read more

Posted by Chris Korda 2006-04-25

Whorld 1.3 released: Trail and more

Whorld 1.3.06 adds the Trail feature, which gives each ring its own origin, allowing origin motion to propagate through the rings gradually, so that the rings spread out as they move. This is ideal for emulating elastic motion, e.g. jellyfish, worms, etc.

Other new features:
* The Convex effect: moves the observer behind the image by reversing the drawing order, so that filled rings appear convex instead of concave.
* Two distinct, selectable types of zoom: ring origin, and window-centered.
* The Random Ramp oscillator waveform: similar to Random, but linearly interpolates between samples.... read more

Posted by Chris Korda 2006-04-13

Whorld 1.2 allows oscillator override via MIDI

Whorld 1.2.02 is an enhancement. The purpose of this release is to allow the oscillators to be controlled live via MIDI.

1. In previous versions, a MIDI message could be assigned to a parameter's master offset, but not to its oscillator properties. Consequently, when the edit selection was set to "Master Offsets", the oscillator properties in the Parameters dialog were disabled. Version 1.2.02 enables them, thereby allowing "oscillator override". An overridden oscillator obeys the override properties, instead of the properties from the document or crossfader mix. Note that override is only enabled when the override frequency is non-zero; if the frequency is zero, adjusting the other override properties has no effect. The oscillator override properties can be assigned MIDI messages in the usual way, via the MIDI setup dialog. NOTE however that you must first check the "Advanced" checkbox in the MIDI setup dialog's upper-right corner, because the new MIDI properties are hidden by default.

Posted by Chris Korda 2006-03-16

Whorld 1.1 eliminates 2 GB limit on AVIs

Whorld 1.1.01 is a maintenance release. The main purpose of this release is to eliminate the movie export's 2 GB limit. The specific changes are as follows:

1. In previous versions, the movie export was unable to create AVI files larger than 2 GB. This was a serious limitation when exporting uncompressed video, and the only workaround was to export BMPs instead. The new version eliminates the 2 GB limit, by using DirectShow instead the obsolete VfW API.... read more

Posted by Chris Korda 2006-02-16

Whorld 1.0 released

Whorld is a free, open-source Windows program that offers a unique approach to creating live digital art. Whorld generates real-time animation, but unlike most visualizers, it's designed for performing, and includes MIDI support and other features more commonly found in clip-based VJ programs. Whorld animates sacred geometry, and distorts it according to parameters that you can adjust manually, or automate via programmable oscillators. The result is a mesmerizing, psychedelic composition of continuously transforming shapes. For details, sample movies, and to download Whorld, visit http://whorld.sourceforge.net

Posted by Chris Korda 2006-01-16