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for all those who didn't notice ... version 0.5 is out. check it out!

Posted by Luke Freeman 2002-12-24

Version 0.5 .. the real story :)

Well version 0.5 is about 80% done. slow moving yes. worth the wait .. yes. bug fixes, added features and better compilation.

I know a few of you have had some serious issues with 0.4.2 in regards to compilation.

Lastly, if you have emailed me lately and haven't received a response i apologise. i have had some pretty wild ISP problems and they have hopefully been sorted. I didnt lose any email but i might have missed some responses.... read more

Posted by Luke Freeman 2002-11-05

Build 4.2 out!!

Build 4.2 is out now. This is a bug-fix release only.

Version 0.5 (the numbering system is about to change) is about 70-75% complete and its a cracker. I really need a week off work to finish it :)

Will keep you all posted of any news...


Posted by Luke Freeman 2002-08-11

Build 5 Holdups


Build 5 has been held up something shocking. Blame work for that :) I have been working a bit easch night lately mainly planning the build 5 implementation because ive been out of the loop for a while.

Rest assured im committed again and things should start moving quicker now ... barring any more interuptions.


Posted by Luke Freeman 2002-05-22

Build 4.1 out

Build 4.1 is available for download. It fixes a few problems with build 4.

Grab it at http://whitebox.sourceforge.net/download.php.

Posted by Luke Freeman 2002-01-28

build 4 out

Build 4 is out and is available for download. If you had trouble with build 3 .. im sorry :) Build 4 is much better. I assure you.

Get it here or at http://whitebox.sourceforge.net


Posted by Luke Freeman 2002-01-25

Build 3.1 out

Build 3.1 is out .. it fixes mostly information discrepencies but has a couple of bug fixes also. Download it from http://whitebox.sourceforge.net/download.php

In addition I wont be releasing the files via the release thing on this page. It just doesnt work!! I tried for an hour to update the current one/add new releases and it just doesnt work.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

cheers ... luke

Posted by Luke Freeman 2001-12-18

CVS Working

CVS has now been included in the development arsenal. Check it out ...

Posted by Luke Freeman 2001-12-17

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