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Initial commit of wfde using C++14

Today I committed the initial release of the wfde (War FTP Daemon Engine) library using C++14. This is a total rewrite of the FTP server core. It will be the foundation of the upcoming new version of War FTP Daemon.

The wfde library contains a feature complete* FTP server (wfded) without any known bugs. The code is currently optimized for readibility and stability. Optimizations for speed will be done early 2015.... read more

Posted by Jarle Aase 2014-12-23 Labels: release

A complete rewrite under way

I am currently working on a complete rewrite, using C++14. An early alpha release is scheduled by the end of November 2014.

Posted by Jarle Aase 2014-10-02

wfde-3.01.12 is released

This is a source-code only release of the server-library and warftpd lite. It is useless for anyone but hardcode C++ programmers.

The FTP server kind of works, but the big news is that the HTTP engine is ready, so that files from a site can be downloaded with FTP or HTTP, - using the same, scalable high-performance subsystem.

I have also made the framework for the future remote admin. This will use standard HTTP, and work as any dynamic website. (The URL's are in fact accessi ble both by HTTP and FTP ;) I will probarbly also add a XML-RPC interface, so that other programs easily can access and control the server. ... read more

Posted by Jarle Aase 2002-09-08

wfde-3.01.11 released

Whats new in WFDE 3.01.11

- Fixed a number of bugs
- Improved (internal) startup procedure
- Requiered directories are now automatically created
either during installation, or on demand.
- HTTP server support partially implemented. Not
included with the precompiled version.
- Better handling of temporary files

I've not completed the HTTP server classes for this release (as planned) - but it's a while sine the last release, and I _have_ done a number of bugfixes.

Posted by Jarle Aase 2001-11-04

Strong encryption protects the registry

The latest release, 3.1.10-unstable, includes strong encryption of passwords stored in the Windows registry. The master-password is stored in a new file, server_key.pam, which should be protected with NT file-permissions. I will add the option to protect this file with a password in a later version. The drawback with that is that the server will need you to enter the password before it can start up.... read more

Posted by Jarle Aase 2001-09-10

New release

This release contain *lots* of changes and improvements, and also the framework for the future plugin interface. The most significant change is however a strengthen of the security subsystem, which now have hammering/flooding protection, brute force password guessing protection and an ultra-fast dropping of incoming connections from shitlisted hosts.

Pre-beta testers will probably also appreciate the improved manager, which can control all properties and options for the server. No more poking around in the registry ;)... read more

Posted by Jarle Aase 2001-09-04

War FTP Daemon Lite - first preview

I have released the first 'official' binary distribution of War FTP Daemon Lite version 3. There is currently no installation program, and the program is _not_ streamlined and prepared for normal use(!). The intended audience for this (and future pre-beta releases) version is system specialist, system security specialists and power-users.

The server runs fine on my Windows 2000 Pro machine. The security system is however not fully tested yet, so this version should NOT be put online on insecure networks, like the Internet, at this time.

Posted by Jarle Aase 2001-08-23

wfde-3.01.05 released

I have released wfde-3.01.05-unstable. I've added a MMC (Microsoft Management Console) based user interface and a textfile describing how to install and test the baby. It's still source code only, so that you'll need MSVC 6 in order to compile and run it.

Posted by Jarle Aase 2001-08-06

wfde-3.01.05 released

I have released wfde-3.01.05-unstable. This version have a working FTP server, but currently no user-interafce or installation program. When these two tasks are ready, the library wil move to public beta.

Posted by Jarle Aase 2001-07-06

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