#15 Add HTTP "Content-Length" header

Ken Lalonde

ASStreamOut: fix bug in chunk counting code.
HTTPResponse: add Content-Length header if missing.
UnknownFileTypeServlet: always add Content-Length
and Last-Modified headers, not just on HEAD requests.


  • Ken Lalonde

    Ken Lalonde - 2001-11-12

    Patch against today's CVS.

  • Geoff Talvola

    Geoff Talvola - 2002-03-14

    Logged In: YES

    Jay said:

    The portion of the patch for ASStreamOut has been applied.

    The portion that deals with always setting Content-Length
    headers has
    NOT been applied. The reason is that I think that you can
    not specify a
    Content-Length header unless you know for sure what the
    content length
    is, and we don't know that if we're buffering output. I
    was circling
    back around to think this through and must have veered off
    at this

    On part three, UnknownFileTypeServlet, it looks like Chuck
    applied something from Ken on the same day this patch was
    posted. Not
    sure what the connection is there. The patch in SF for
    this file is
    very small and looks to be just a cleanup.

    So at this point, if there is still additional work to be
    done, Ken should probably submit a new patch based on the
    latest CVS.

  • Geoff Talvola

    Geoff Talvola - 2002-03-14
    • summary: Add HTTP "Content-Length" header --> Add HTTP "Content-Length" header
    • status: open --> closed-accepted

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