#58 Fix for wkcgi build on FreeBSD

WebKit (58)

Following the WebKit Quick Start section of the
Installation docs for POSIX-based systems, compilation
of wkcgi on FreeBSD fails. This is due to a reason of a
missing system header inclusion in wkcommon.h. Attached
is a patch used to successfully build wkcgi on FreeBSD.
It is also tested on Linux. Perhaps a preprocessing
directive for FreeBSD (and other BSDs?) could decide
whether the header inclusion happens.

One other issue, it'd be nice if there was a note that
GNU make is necessary to build wkcgi (and other things
Webware parts, perhaps) because there was no final
wkcgi binary produced using FreeBSD's default PMake.
Otherwise, following the instructions as they are
written would lead to an unsuccessful experience.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Patch to enable successful building wkcgi on FreeBSD

  • Jason Hildebrand

    Logged In: YES

    The missing include has already been fixed in Webware cvs,
    so this will work in the next release. I've added the note
    about GNU make to the quick start documentation.

    Thanks for the bug report!

  • Jason Hildebrand

    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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