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#56 WebKit and RAM problem!

WebKit (58)

How much memory WebKit should normally take??? As I
can see, every WebKit daemon takes over 40MB (sic!)
of RAM. WebKit lauches 10 daemons during startup, so I
need over 400MB for WebKit alone! Is it normal or I have
something wrong configured? (used RedHat7 and
Webware CVS 2003-09-12)
I compared the same with Windows XP Pro workstation.
It takes only 10MB and uses only one process! Top
ammount of used memory is 17MB!


  • Stuart Donaldson

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    Actually this is more an issue with how ps reports memory
    for threads under Linux. It does not really indicate
    threads vs processes.

    Webware uses multiple threads under the same process. They
    all share the same memory. So the 40Mb you are seeing is
    really shared between all of the 10 threads (not processes)
    so the total used is really 40Mb.

    On my system it is much less than that at startup. It
    really depends on the size of the Python app and memory
    utilization you are using. I have a sizeable Webware app
    with 100 threads and the total size is about 29Mb. It can
    obviously grow a bit depending on what the application is
    doing. If I really pound on it and get 75 simultaneous
    sessions going I have seen 100+Mb of memory, but that is
    more my applications issue than Webware or WebKit.

    I am going to close this as it is not really a problem in
    Webware. If you disagree or have more information, please
    add it to the bug report for additional review.

  • Stuart Donaldson

    • status: open --> closed-invalid

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