#5 Problems with pickid [query] handling


Using v 0.0.3, downloaded as tarball mid-Jan, 2003

The old F1DB-style dbfield definition in the format
"pickid [SELECT id, name FROM tablename]" no longer
works. Two problems:

1) dbasis does not recognize dbfield field definitions
in this format. Whenever you go to edit a dbfield
record that uses [SELECT id, name FROM tablename],
dbasis assumes that it's getting a normal "pickid
tablename", and tries to run "EXECUTE("SHOW COLUMNS
FROM [select") in".

2) the same thing happens in pxdb.input when you try to
display a showform for an object using a dbfield in the
above format. Again, it tries to execute EXECUTE("SHOW
COLUMNS FROM [select")


  • Jase Roberts

    Jase Roberts - 2003-02-27
    • priority: 5 --> 7
  • Hans Lellelid

    Hans Lellelid - 2003-02-28

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    There are some methods that are supposed to determine the
    type of a pickid column -- these are probably in
    pxdb_dbfield -- and these are probably simply not being
    called by DBasis or even pxdb_input :-/ -- I think there
    may be some other implications of that type of pickid,
    however ... especially when it comes to searching,
    filtering. It was fringe enough (and disruptive enough) to
    be relegated to the backburner.

  • Jase Roberts

    Jase Roberts - 2003-02-28

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    It definitely is "fringe" functionality, and probably useful
    almost exclusively when migrating existing F1DB sites to
    Syntax. However, Nyk pointed out that it *can* be useful
    when you want to integrate data from an non-Syntax table
    (e.g. 3rd party zipcodes, polling, etc.) into a Syntax

    I hadn't considered the search/filter implications. That
    definitely does suggest we should use this feature as little
    as possible.

  • Nyk Cowham

    Nyk Cowham - 2003-02-28

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    I can appreciate having put this one on the back-burner with
    regard to handling the case of 'filtering and search'.
    However, I think as we go forward in trying to encourage
    upgrades on older F1DB sites we are probably going to
    encounter this more.

    Note that I have started adding documentation to the Wiki
    giving guidelines for data-modelling with Syntax and one
    consideration is that there are no reasons to use this
    feature unless you need to integrate data from tables
    external to Syntax. I do think however, that such
    flexibility is what makes Syntax stand-out from relatively
    hard-wired systems (Midgard, ezPublish, Nuke etc.)

    I think at the very least DBasis and pxdb_input::showform()
    should recognize pickid definintions like this and handle
    the display portion correctly. I'm less worried about
    integrating it with search and filter. Since it should only
    really be used for integration with 'unknown' tables then it
    is not unreasonable to expect the user to write custom SQL
    to retrieve the data.


  • Hans Lellelid

    Hans Lellelid - 2003-02-28

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    Yes -- that makes sense. Searching / filtering may not even
    really be a problem, we'll see. There is clearly a bug in
    pxdb_input::showform() if this functionality is not
    correctly working; however, the logic should be implemented.
    And it should be in pxdb_input::_get_values() primarily.
    The other logic that may be causing problems is the
    pxdb_dbasis method that returns the pickid type -- the
    problem could simply be that it's not detecting the "SQL"
    pickid type -- and hence the problem is bubbling up to the
    input form, etc.

    I know that it's pretty picky about what that SQL-style
    field should look like: e.g. modeled on the few instances I
    found in old f1db stuff ( e.g., I think the SQL statement
    has to be surrounded with [ ] )

    ( Is there a Syntax mailing list...? :-) )


  • Nyk Cowham

    Nyk Cowham - 2003-03-11
    • assigned_to: nobody --> ncowham

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