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Next update ...

Im on holiday for 2 weeks, so I wont be updating anything till 2 weeks from posting of this message.

Please report any errors or problems to the site.

I understand HTTP 1.1 doesnt work correctly for all sites at the moment, but I hope to fix that soon.

Please stay tuned.....

Posted by Simon Shanks 2004-09-01

0.1.7 Beta Release

There has been some ongoing testing on MacOSx by Michael Walker.

Most of the problems are due to HTTP 1.1 not being fully supported as yet (default used by FireFox, etc.)

There was a problem using http://webstretch as the admin pages on OSx with Safari, as it tried to do a DNS lookup before submitting to the proxy. This has been fixed by allowing the user to switch to using the IP address of the proxy instead of http://webstretch. See the readme.txt file for details (available in the zip file).... read more

Posted by Simon Shanks 2004-08-27


OK, Ive installed FireFox and noticed that webstretch is fairly slow compared to how it acts with IE. This is probably due to how each browser decides to queue requests and assign them to threads before rendering. I will be reworking webstretch to cope with this.

Posted by Simon Shanks 2004-07-23

Next release - Coming soon...

Will aim to add at least some of the following soon...

* SSL support

* Ability to alter parameters from a list of possible test values (e.g. large buffers to test for overflows, parameters to try to break SQL, password breakers (SQL which may lead to a value always being true), etc.

* Cookie editor

* etc

You can click on the icon at the file release area to automatically have an email sent to you when any new release is made.

Posted by Simon Shanks 2004-07-21

Looking for feature requests!

Im currently looking for suggestions or criticisms of webstretch.
Please post in the corresponding category of the project page, or email me directly.


Posted by Simon Shanks 2004-07-15

Minor Release 0.1.6

Webstretch has been updated again. This time, it provides the ability to return to the last request inspected, even after visiting the webstretch administration pages.
Have fun.

Posted by Simon Shanks 2004-07-12

Minor Release 0.1.5

Some fixes and enhancements...

* Changed interface for configuration
* Increased the size of the request buffer
* Fixed retrieval of binary files
* Added ability to restrict access to single IP address (via configuration screen).

Posted by Simon Shanks 2004-07-09

Bug Fixes

Im currently fixing a few bugs. A new version of Webstretch will be released soon. Please keep checking back for updates.

You can also choose the option on the project page which will alert you when any new releases are made.

Please remember to report any problems to the bug section.

Keep tuned!

Posted by Simon Shanks 2004-07-09

Minor Release 0.1.4

You can now find release 0.1.4 on the web site, available for download.

I have altered the interface slightly and added a method of finding hidden areas in web sites -see the request section once installed (try google...you'll find stuff like 'http://www.google.com/linux?')

Keeping checking back for updates. You can easily use the sourceforge site to keep automatically updated if any new releases occur.... read more

Posted by Simon Shanks 2004-07-04

Next Release ...

Whats coming next ...

Will aim to add a method for finding hidden areas in a web site.

Should record the last submitted request, so that you can return to your session after visiting the WebStretch admin pages.

Keep checking the site for further news and updates.

Remember to submit any bugs or wishlists!


Posted by Simon Shanks 2004-06-26

Next Release - HTML Comments

Currently looking into adding support for detecting and seperating out comments found in the current web page. This will allow a user to easily see what import information has been left in a web page that is not normally in view.
It currently works in development, by simply printing them out to the command line.

Please express any views in the main Forums.

Remember to submit any other views/problems/wish-lists/etc.... read more

Posted by Simon Shanks 2004-06-24

Minor Release 0.1.2

* Added some statistical analysis (total bytes received and bytes per host)

* Fixes
- defaults to not performing inspection if cant decide if page requested is HTML
- returns a not found HTTP response if the destination host fails to send file

Posted by Simon Shanks 2004-06-22

Minor Release 0.1.1

Release 0.1.1.

Implemented proxy's own server page within code, instead of keeping HTML files on file system.

Added a few minor fixes.

Should work better on dial-up connections.

Posted by Simon Shanks 2004-06-21

Next Release - Proxy HTML

Im currently working on the next release when I get the time. I'll be changing the Proxy so that it doesnt store its own HTML/CSS pages on the file system, but will instead generate it from within the JAR.
This will help prevent anyone using the Proxys own web server from trying to hack it to make it get files from its filesystem.
It should also help on the ease of install.

I'll also be adding other bits 'n' pieces too.

Posted by Simon Shanks 2004-06-21

First Release!

The first beta version of Webstretch has been released. The source will soon be uploaded too. Further updates to come!

Posted by Simon Shanks 2004-06-17