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Version Released

Released. Check the changelog for additional information.

Posted by Lucas 2007-06-20

Version 0.6.1 Released

Includes a major bugfix for statistics generation for pages and charting by ZedChart.

Posted by Lucas 2007-06-18

Version 0.6 Released

Well it took a couple days instead of a couple weeks, better sooner than later!

Version 0.6 has been released. Please see the project website at http://webstatsdotnet.sourceforge.net to find out more information.

Posted by Lucas 2007-06-16

What's happening in v 0.6

Version 0.6 will be a little while in development, but here is a sneek peek of what you can expect to see.
We are working on supporting multiple reporting periods. Like if I give WebStats 3 months worth of logs at one time, currently it just processes them all and hands a single data file back with cumulative totals for all data. In version 0.6 it will support multiple return data files. Meaning that month 1 will be one file the 2nd a 2nd and so on.
Also, you can look forward to Scheduler supporting this ability also ;)
That is the major change that will be happening, doesn't seem like much but it requires a rework of the entire structure, so give me a couple weeks before you expect another release. Please keep giving me input though!

Posted by Lucas 2007-06-14

New Release

Includes the Scheduler Windows Service and Scheduler Installer along with a few bug fixes. For the latest and greatest always use SVN.

Posted by Lucas 2007-06-12

Website online

I have the website online that talks a little more about WebStats dotNet and has some documentation. You can get there by going to http://webstatsdotnet.sourceforge.net

Posted by Lucas 2007-06-08

Initial release posted

Initial release has been posted. Focus of this release is the WebStats project contained in the released source. The Website is an example of a webbased GUI that could be used to display the ouput as generated by running the WebStatsTest project on your log files.

If you are interested in this project, it could use some documentation ;P

Posted by Lucas 2007-06-05

Added to SF

Well, the project is added ;)
Just working on the web gui then alpha will be up.

Posted by Lucas 2007-06-05

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