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Web Page Fixer + / News: Recent posts

New testing release of Web Page Fixer +

This version adds a few experimental features to improve security and usability of Firefox.

In addition to code cleanup, these new features have been added:
- An infinite loop of alert() prompt() or confirm() can be stopped by double clicking the alert's icon.
- Chrome urls are not allowed inside the browser (enabled by default, you can turn this option off in the preferences.)

Posted by Luke 2009-03-11

Web Page Fixer + 1.5 released.

New in this revision: Code cleanup, and a few new features. It has an option (enabled by default) that will find symbol font text and replace it with normal viewable symbols. This uses the same method as this script: http://webpagefixer.sourceforge.net/script/fixsymbolfonttext.user.js
This release also includes a show hidden function that shows hidden elements on the current page.

Posted by Luke 2009-01-24