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Webo-tools package released

This extra package is published in response to user feedback, and provides some utilities to add users accounts and manage Webo webcaching module.
Yout feedback is welcome as usual.

Posted by Leo West 2003-06-11

WEBO 1.0 released

WEBO is a groupware solution providing a portal page, a calendar, address book, tasklists,notes and more.

It also provide users deep configuration possibilities (colors, language, page content, theme...)

Posted by Leo West 2003-05-20

WEBO 0.3 released

Web Organizer is MySQL based GroupWeb for companies. It provides a desktop page, shared calendar, address book and an admin console.

Posted by Leo West 2001-12-08

A Mysql version on the way

Next Web Organizer version is planned for November.
A big change is that it'll be MySQL based, at users demand.
I *may* keep an extra LDAP interface for the Corporate Directory and User Authentication modules.

Posted by Leo West 2001-10-10

Web Organizer beta released

First public release of Web organizer, a DHTML Web groupware solution fully based on LDAP.

Posted by Leo West 2001-05-10