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Web Man / News: Recent posts

Project web with demo

Web Man's project website ( has been updated.
New screenshots:
A working demo:

Posted by John Rasor 2013-02-10

Release Alpha 009

Release Alpha 009 adds publishing ability, link repair, view of all webs, and more. See the release notes.

The installer script has been improved. It now installs the necessary Perl modules with CPAN. It can be downloaded onto a remote server with wget, and run from there to get Web Man installed on that server.

Posted by John Rasor 2013-02-05

Release alpha008

Added upload capability, improved drag handler so an item can be dragged off top or bottom of a view, thus causing it to scroll. This makes it possible to begin dragging an item, then drop it onto a destination not originally visible. Added crude source editor. Some bug fixes.

Posted by John Rasor 2011-06-02

release alpha007

It's out now.
Bug fixes, improved installation, improvements to Webs view and Help page.

Posted by John Rasor 2011-05-16

release alpha007

Finally, some progress on 007. Improved the installation script. Other goodies planned -- see plan007.txt -- will take awhile.

Posted by John Rasor 2011-04-20

Release alpha006

OK, it's finally out.
Logging cleaned up, install script works on a workstation and a remote server.
Download the tarball into a directory served by your Apache, pop it open with tar xjf wmspace.bz2, then run the install script.
The readme.txt file explains the meaning of Web Man variables, and shows how to do a manual installation.

Posted by John Rasor 2009-09-29

Release alpha006

Plan replaced with revised readme.txt.
New install script for this release.
Install script used to install Web Man on remote demo server: see it in action at More testing is needed; the logging is still buggy for navigation generation and template application.

Posted by John Rasor 2009-09-29

Release alpha006

A new tarball for release alpha006 went up today.
Download it into some directory served by your Apache, pop it open with tar xjf wmspace.bz2, then run the install script as root.
Working on non-root installation option for that script.

Posted by John Rasor 2009-09-27

Release alpha006 coming

I'm getting close to finishing the install script. For release alpha006, it will be somewhat debian-centric.

Posted by John Rasor 2009-09-18

New Demo Site

Web Man's demonstration has moved to No ownership issues there. The demo at will no longer be available.

Posted by John Rasor 2009-09-06


I have a partially working demo up at The installation here was too buggy. Another problem was that Web Man scripts made files in the htdocs directory owned by apache:apache. Web Man and its demo sites are supposed to be owned by me.

Posted by John Rasor 2009-09-04

Release alpha006 wish list

I'm working on an install script and a Web Man demo for Source Forge.

There's a buggy demo on now, at It's been a very difficult installation, not complete yet. Problems: some Perl modules unusable, modified webs get owned by apache:apache and become un-editable.

Working: the basic user interface on the main editor page, navigation bar installation, link checking, web options, Front Page (TM) to Web Man site conversion.

Posted by John Rasor 2009-09-03

Alpha005 Released

This release features simplified installation, sample Web Man and Front Page (TM) webs, improved templates for Web Man developers. Added functionality: site-wide DOCTYPE, key words, style sheet applicators.

Get the new tarball, drop it somewhere in your Apache's DocumentRoot, then extract it with

$ tar xjf workspace.bz2

Then look at readme.txt.

Posted by John Rasor 2009-08-24

Release alpha005 coming

Web Man is several steps closer to release alpha005 today, with the inclusion of several site-wide applicators: CSS, DOCTYPE, keywords. There's also a new Reports page, a bit more capable than the "Site Summary" on the left of each page.

Check these out at "snapshot" on the release page

Posted by John Rasor 2009-08-22