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webforum 1.00 release

more admin configuration on screen. You can add, change, delete, list forums on screen easily. You still have to move folders yourself though for now. Better email policy on forums. It will not let you email to people that do not have an email address, or if you do not have one yourself. Screen config of outgoing email server settings. Allows forum admin's to update data for others except for other admins. a few other fixes.

Posted by stan towianski 2008-12-03

WebForum: a new release .9

Webforum is a Java web forums program. Makes a fast bulletin board with i18n, admin and moderation. Compiled with java 1.6. No relational database (JDBC) needed; msg.s are simple files. Email users via their login.

Does not display real email id but you can email by clicking on the author.
Added an 'erase content' button so content is erased but msg itself, and those below are not deleted.

Created a simple (hopefully) new forumsList file where you can simply add new forums parameters in it and at startup it will create default files to create a working forum.... read more

Posted by stan towianski 2008-07-07

shame: release 18 was broken

release 19 is ok (hopefully). Sorry about this.

Posted by Daniel Lemire 2003-10-06

New release offers more flexibility

The new release allows you to add a prefix or suffix URL so that (dynamic) content can be added before or after the servlet output.

This is nothing like a full template mechanism but should offer enough flexibility for all but the craziest users.

Posted by Daniel Lemire 2003-08-24

New Release:charset fixed,faster, more features

-charset.encoding property better documented

-new FailedLoginURL property for custom error messages

-User, Cookies and Sessions are slightly better managed and maybe faster (we use to check both Session and Cookies, now if session is enough, we go with it!)

-Fixed bug with new charset feature (NullPointerException was thrown)

This release introduces the new FailedLoginURL parameter that you can add to your config file so that users who can't login are taken back to this page instead of the login page.... read more

Posted by Daniel Lemire 2003-07-30

UTF8 support and CVS+Java1 support in release

I submitted a few changes to CVS tonight.

Have fun testing!

Posted by Daniel Lemire 2003-07-18

version 0.35.14 out!

More robust than ever, and better documentation.

Posted by Daniel Lemire 2003-07-18

version 0.35.13 out!

This makes it back to java 1.1 compatibility.

Posted by Daniel Lemire 2003-06-25

WebForum 0.35.12 requires Java2

Changes in WebForum have meant that (accidentally) Java2 APIs have crept in. We will try and rectify this at some point and regain Java1.1 compatibility. In the mean time, do NOT use WebForum 0.35.12 unless you are running Java 1.2 or greater.

Posted by Raj Bhaskar 2003-06-25

WebForum 0.35.012 released

The new version now contains improved handling of "Optional URLs" and "Link Titles" as well as the ability to logout. Note: due to the changes in URL handling, the file format has changed slightly. This should not affect existing WebForum posts, but only new posts.

Posted by Raj Bhaskar 2003-05-12

CVS version now produces valid HTML 4.01

I hacked it out so that we now have valid HTML 4.01 throughout. This should make sure that all standard compliant browsers can render perfect the web pages produced by webforum.

Posted by Daniel Lemire 2003-01-10

version 0.35.009 is now available

One of the most robust version ever! Many bug fixes.

Posted by Daniel Lemire 2002-11-12

New revision of version 0.35 (.007)

No more double posts (check if the same message has been posted), safer handling of larger messages (must be < 64K) and optimization.

As of now, Java2 is required for WebForum.

Posted by Daniel Lemire 2002-09-10

New stable release (0.35)

This is the first stable release this year! Enjoy.

Better threading, better handling of cookies... many bug fixes!

Posted by Daniel Lemire 2002-07-14

Subtile threading bug has been fixed (CVS)

Plus, we are now over 2000 downloads!

Posted by Daniel Lemire 2002-05-01

WebForum soon to reach 2000 downloads!

WebForum is today at 1980 download since the beginning. That's quite a lot of people who looked through it. How many users? Well, quite a few, but it would be nice to have more figures... if you are using WebForum please get in touch with us!

Posted by Daniel Lemire 2002-04-26

Improved docs thanks to user feedback!

Improved docs are in the CVS tree now. The readme files are not somewhat clearer and at least one important detail is not explained (the file format for the user file).

Posted by Daniel Lemire 2002-04-11

0.35 (unstable)

If you want to help testing, download this latest package and send your comments!

Posted by Daniel Lemire 2002-03-08

Version 0.35 (unstable) in CVS now!

Please download and give it a try! New features include persistent session support.

Posted by Daniel Lemire 2002-03-04

Bunch of new RFC

More feature requests!

Please help me out!

I'm thinking of switching to Freemarker as a template engine. I'd still like to integrate a database engine.

As for the search features, I think it might be simpler to implement our own.

Posted by Daniel Lemire 2002-02-25

New revision in CVS

I corrected the file deletion error handling so that it will output errors to system.err and also be a bit more verbose.

I removed the .class files from CVS but I added a Unix script to compile (easy to write a bat file for windoze if you want to).

Nothing much. No need to download since it doesn't actually add anything except for some extra debugging info.

Thanks for your support!

Posted by Daniel Lemire 2001-10-25

Japanese translation: Sorry about the delays!

I have to do this... Argh... I need help here!

Posted by Daniel Lemire 2001-09-14

Version 0.34 is available! Now include Italian!

And a good patch from "Stefania Giorgini" <giorgini@otconsulting.com>. Thanks Stefania for your impressive work!

Posted by Daniel Lemire 2001-03-27

WebForum servlet patch in CVS!

There is a new patch available on CVS for people
who have autorization level problems.

Notice that this won't make the autorization
errors go away, but a nicer message will be

Posted by Daniel Lemire 2001-03-15

Problems with Java applet fixed!

Some have reported that the Java applet would not load messages. That's because I forgot to update the jar file for the applet.

Posted by Daniel Lemire 2001-03-01

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