Limiting share displays and HD path displays

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    This product is working and looks good.  We are having some issues though specific to our environment and how shares and home directories are setup.  We have a top level home directory share and then no NTFS permissions.  All users have a folder in there where they have NTFS permissions on their own folder only.  So a user can be placed directly into their home directory but not browse the share.  The problem is that a user logs in a does get put into their home directory but then they also see the top level home directory share listed on the left hand navigation bar.  If they click on that they get a login prompt which never works because they don't have browse permissions. 

    We still need for them to see the file server because we have another share on there that lists all departments and we do want users to browse that.  So how can we only list specific shares on a server that we want seen and also how can we get users a navigation path back to their home directory once they've clicked somewhere else? 

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Not directly webdisk related - but how about implementing ABE (Access Based Enumeration)?


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