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Version 0.50 has been released!

It was about time, but it was worth it. The new version 0.50 is not officially release with a complete new look that should make things a lot easier.

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2009-10-07

Spam! Darn...

Hi folks,

I just found out that there is some spam in the tracker. I'll try to do some clean up in the next few days.

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2009-09-28

Official website created!

Hi folks,

The official website for WebcamStudio for GNU/Linux has been finally created. The site is under heavy construction but should be ready un a few weeks.


Posted by Patrick Balleux 2009-09-27

WebcamStudio 0.43 is now out!

Have fun with this new version. Hope you will like it!

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2009-05-31

WebcamStudio for GNU/Linux 0.42 is out!

Here is another version:
* New GUI for source options
* Added knob instead of slider for some controls
* Added an option to auto start source when loading a Studio file
* Fixed some bugs in triggering keywords
* Added menu to loadt the last studio file
* Source Options in a new Dialog box. Can open multitel Source Options at the same time
* Added a service to auto-compile and auto-load the vloopback module
* Added Text-To-Speech into WebcamStudio
* Added PAUSE command in playlist
* Added Night Vision 2 by Mark Dammer
* New Display, now you can select, move, rotate, resize, opacify directly on the display preview
* Selected source will show with a red rectangle on display preview
* Some bug fixes

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2009-03-07

Webcamstudio for GNU/Linux 0.41 is out!

Here another release! Have fun!
* Fixed Mouse Scrolling on setup list
* Added new feature: Triggering keywords to start and stop any sources
* Fixed looping in playlist
* Fixed the preference on showing the viewer or not
* Fixed display on some slider not showing properly
* Filtering of the vloopback output so it won't show up as a webcam
* Added multiple selection of images in a single Image source, creating a slideshow... read more

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2009-02-16

WebcamStudio for GNU/Linux 0.40 is out!

Looks a lot better now!

* Y Scroll position for setup is now remembered
* Chat IRC, if no IRC source is selected, when writing, 1st IRC source will be used instead of doing nothing
* Default volume for Source is now at 15% instead of 100%
* Complete new look and icons

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2009-01-17

v0.39 is now available...

Yep, here is the new one!

* Added feed exporter to OGG and AVI format and OGG over network (Server mode)
* Added a slider for activity detection on source
* Added Font type sélection for Text/RSS/IRC/Process source
* Fixed framerate resetting for all source when (un)checking light mode
* Modified Movie Source to read from another WebcamStudio exporting OGG on the network
* Added option to load custom shape from a PNG file
* Added a viewer for source that we want to see, but not braodcast. Useful for testing source or conferences
* Major GUI rework

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2009-01-08

WebcamStudio for GNU/Linux 0.38 is out! Let's chat!

Yep, another one, but with new features also:
* Removed sound support in animation to resolve a crash issue when using more than one.
* Fixed face detection that was not working anymore
* Changed Goggle for Binorculars
* Added new Source: IRC (Yep, chat room is not available in your webcam)
* Added individual framerate for each source
* Added options to set background and foreground color of WebcamStudio... read more

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2008-12-18

WebcamStudio v0.37 is out!

New features and some fixes.

* Added new option to make a source visible only when activity is detected
* Fixed Face Detection to work only on webcam and DV
* Added new shapes
* Modified color setting for Source to be independent from the preview
* Added scrolling mode for Text, Process and RSS source. Scrollings are : None, Up, Down, To Left, To Right
* Added a new button to take a snapshot
* Text options are only enabled when a Text,RSS,Process source is selected
* Added new effects: Red, Green, Blue

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2008-12-11

Version 0.36 is out!

* Fixed V4L(2) source loading from Studio that was not working
* Added new menu entry: Load Source and Save Source. You can now save a single source parameters into a source file (Default is Device_Name.source). Great when your defaults do not match WebcamStudio's defaults
* Added audio output selection: For Movies and DV, you can select the output server : gconfaudiosink, pulsesink,jackaudiosink,alsasink,osssink. This will give a better control over sound playing and will make usage of Jack a lot easier.
* Added a new source: Microphone. Can be usefull with Pulseaudio or Jack
* Fixed Source Image auto-reload
* Improved the Cartoon Effect to be more natural. Now it looks way better!

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2008-12-01

vllopback 1.1.5 is out!

Thanks to Olivier Debon, a new version of vloopback is now available as 1.1.4 was not compiling with older kernels.

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2008-11-25

vloopback 1.1.4 is out.

For those of you who requires to compile the vloopback module against the newest V4L2 header, a new version of vloopback is released (1.1.4). This one should compile and work with the new V4L2 implementation.

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2008-11-23

v0.35 is out! Yippie!

Have a look on the new release 0.35:

* Added new sources: TCPServer and TCPClient. You can you TCPServer to provide your current display over the network and use TCPClient to connect to any TCPServer.
* Added a chat box below to preview to simulate a one-way chat on the virtual webcam
* Fixed some effects when a shape is applied
* Fixed the "Showing/Hiding" with the tray icon
* Added a new effect "See The Past"
* Optimized the effects for better CPU usage
* Added new source DV1394 (Fletch will be happy with this one!) (Sound is a little buggy, there is a problem in the gstreamer framework)

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2008-11-22

Version 0.34 is out! More fun!

Yep, another one...

* Added a new source: Process. Execute any command line and show the output in your webcam (Great with "fortune")
* Added a slider to set a refresh time on some source (Text, RSS, Process, Image)
* Added Pitch setting on the virtual Microphone
* Added Echo on the virtual Microphone
* Added new tab: Shapes: Give your source any shape that is available (Circle, Star, Blurry...)
* Fixed the bug that we could not stop the virtual webcam after using the Flash player
* Capture Size can now be edited to set your own capture size using the format WxH

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2008-11-17

Version 0.33 is out! Little update..

Here is the new version 0.33.

* Added a new option to set default Pause Display (Using a source). When you set the virtual webcam on Pause, you will see that source instead of "Be back in a flash!"
* Setting Red/Blue inversion can not be set while the virtual webcam is running
* Fixed a bug when System Tray was not supported
* Added an option to capture webcam in RGB or YUV (before it was always YUV)... read more

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2008-11-13

WebcamStudio on

I am currently in the process of sending WebcamStudio for GNU/Linux in the website Hope all will work as expected.

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2008-11-12

0.32 is out! Lots of stuff..

The new version 0.32 is out... Lots of fixes and new features...

* Added an option to follow or not the mouse when capturing the desktop
* Fixed the microphone not loading correctly in pulseaudio (Added a wait when loading the module pipe-source)
* Added smooth text scrolling on Text and RSS sources
* Can now apply effects (not Gstreamer...) on Text and RSS source. Great with the Perspective effect...
* A slider was added to set the size of the text in Text and RSS source
* Errors/Exceptions are now reported on the status bar in the main window instead of STDOUT
* Modified RSS to support username:password in the URL (Now compatible with your Twitter account if you want...)
* Improved starting source as it does not freeze the gui anymore
* Improved loading of Animations and Faces as they do not freeze the gui anymore
* HTTP URL now supported for Image source (Can now load image from internet...)
* Added file filters when adding new file sources (Only see what can be loaded)
* Changed the line drawing to draw lines instead of multiple points
* Added new option to make a source visible only when selected in the list

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2008-11-10

0.31a for Debian is out!: with vloopback installer!

I released a new debian package that included a vloopback installer. I hope that it will work as I expect it to do so.

So each time that you have a new kernel update that do not include the vloopback, rerun the installer.

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2008-11-07

Module vloopback: Now easier to install...

If you have some problems installing the module vloopback, I just added to the 1.1.3 archive a script that will make all the necessary steps to include the module into your system. Note that this will work on Debian base only.

If you have Fedora/Sure/Slackware and know how to port that script for your distribution, please do and send it to me so I'll have it included in the archive.

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2008-11-06

0.31 is out! A little new look!

Here is a new version to improve the gui. The preview is now always visible

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2008-11-06

0.30 is out! Yeah... It's different!

Here is it, the new version 0.30 with an easier GUI and new features...

Take time to read the wiki!

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2008-11-04

You wanna see the future? See the wiki!

If you want to know what is coming for the next release, read the wiki page "Roadmap" as I write new features/fix that will be part of the next release...

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2008-11-03

User manual has been updated...

I took the time to update the user manual wiki page. And I found out that I was really out of synch with current features.

Go get a look in the wiki - User Manual. Maybe you will discover some features that you did not know about...

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2008-10-31

0.20a: Fix the browse button not showing

If you downloaded the 0.20 version, you will find out that the browser button is not showing when adding a file as a source.

0.20a fixes this problem.
Sorry, my mistake!

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2008-10-27

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