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Version 2.0 of Java Source Code Formatting Tools released!

Version 2.0 of Java Source Code Formatting Tools brings huge amount of GUI improvements, enhancements to formatting tools and bug-fixes. It is a great step forward! See the change log for details.

Posted by Marian FILLO 2005-08-31

Java Source Code Formatting Tools GUI Released!

New GUI released for
- Closing Brace Commentator
- Class/Interface/Enum Comment Updater
- Unicode UnEscaper

With this GUI, you can process single or multiple files, single or multiple packages with or without sub-packages at once.

Also an editor for Class/Interface/Enum Comment Updater is available.

Posted by Marian FILLO 2005-08-17

New tool released - Class/Interface/Enum Comment Updater

Class/Interface/Enum Comment Updater updates your class, interface and enum JavaDoc comments according to the configuration given in XML file.

Any number of JavaDoc parts (tags) can be updated at once.

This is very usefull when creating source ZIPs to have all the class/interface/enum comments in the same fashion.

Posted by Marian FILLO 2005-08-09

New version of ClosingBraceCommentator - v. 1.3

Now it handles correctly the Unicode escapes too.

Posted by Marian FILLO 2005-08-08

Java Source Code Writing Rules Updated

Java Source Code Writing Rules have been updated:

Two exceptions from alphabetical ordering were introduced (Rule 6 - 3)

Posted by Marian FILLO 2005-08-03

New version of ClosingBraceCommentator

Version 1.2 fixes a bug in handling of static initializers and adds comments for case blocks (if enclosed in braces)

Posted by Marian FILLO 2005-08-03

Several Class Diagrams Published

Several UML class diagrams were published on the project web site today.

Posted by Marian FILLO 2005-02-21

Web page redesigned

The project web-page was redesigned from HTML to XML (which is then transformed via XSLT to XHTML) validated by XML Schema.

New use-case diagram was added for Java Source Code formatting tools.

Posted by Marian FILLO 2005-02-17

Use-case diagrams updated

More details were specified for several use-case

Utility classes diagram was added.

Posted by Marian FILLO 2005-02-09

Java Source Code Writing Rules released

On our web-page, we have released the
Java Source Code Writing Rules, which are necessary to be obeyed when contributing code to
our project.

Go to
and click on the "Rules" tab.

Posted by Marian FILLO 2005-02-04

First file release

We have just published the first file release.

It is a small tool to improve readability of Java code by adding explanation comments after every closing brace in Java source code.

Please, feel free to test it and use it and write us any bug reports, wishes, recommendations etc.

Marian Fillo,
the Java Web Application Framework project leader

Posted by Marian FILLO 2005-02-04

Complete use-case diagrams available

Complete top-level (overview, not detailed) use-case diagrams available on the project website

Click at "Use-case diagrams" to display the overview diagram, which is a clickable image-map. Click to use-cases for displaying module use-case diagrams.

Posted by Marian FILLO 2004-12-21

We have just started!

One message must be the first. Let it be this one:
We have just started to work on a wonderful project with a big usability for all Java web programmers. Let our good intentions lead us to the successfull final release(s) and God help us to do a good job and to help others as well.

Posted by Marian FILLO 2004-09-17

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