VM no longer loads in browser after OS update

  • Joseph Anderson

    Joseph Anderson - 2008-12-16

    Greetings All :-)

    I am running Centos 5.2 and VirtualMin GPL, though I do not recall the exact version of VirtualMin - it was from an install two or three months ago to include VirtualMin updates that have come along since.

    Everything has been going great until I logged into Centos via console and it told me that there were 6 updates to do. Since the moment I did the updates I can no longer log into VirtualMin via my browser on my Windows Box - it just gives the error page cannot be displayed. I am attempting to login http://IP:10000 as always and I also have it bookmarked - there is no mistake in the URL.

    I checked services on the Centos box and though it does not show VirtualMin specifically running it does show webmin and usermin running. In addition, the domains on the box are all running and accessible that I created in VirtualMin and I am able to access the box as normal via SSH and FTP.

    I just cannot bring up VirtualMin in the browser and it is driving me crazy.

    Any suggestions on how to get my VirtualMin coming back up in the browser again short of reinstalling VirtualMin or any ideas how I may get access again via the browser?

    Does anyone see what I am possibly missing or how I am missing the boat on this?

    Joe :-)

    • Joseph Anderson

      Joseph Anderson - 2008-12-21

      Problem Solved - after the upgrade as mentioned above - the built in firewall reset itself and shut off access to ports 10000 and 20000.

      I just re-entered them into the firewall settings and wadda bing - all is working :-)


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