L Stevens - 2011-11-03

2011-11-01 14:53:30 PDT
I am running Webmin 1.570, Virualmin 3.84, Usermin 1.470 and Webmail 1.470 (see http://www.webmin.com/uwebmail.html )
I am running Usermin on one port and Webmail on another port so clients can use the interface that they prefer.
From Webmin or Usermin when I compose an email and click on the "From" tab it correctly uses the domain of the user for example user@userdomain.com.
When doing the exact same thing from Webmail the from email address incorrectly uses the domain of the server, for example user@server.com.

I imagine that this is just a setting somewhere but I have been unable to find it.
I have upgraded to webmai 4.9 with the same result