Too many users to display on page

  • Castronovo

    Castronovo - 2012-06-07

    Dear all,

    I'm IT in a Belgium Company. We work with Webmin (1.560) and Redhat Linux Fedora 13

    Now, I have a problem with my webmin  to display User (System->Users and Group)

    Webmin does not want to display users since I have add the last user. (before it was ok!)

    Here the message: There are too many users on your system to display on one page.

    The same thing for Mail Alias: There are too many mail aliases on your system to display on this page.

    Is there solution for increase this limit? It's not easy to have global vision of accounts with this restriction.

    In advance thanks for your help.


  • Castronovo

    Castronovo - 2012-06-07

  • Castronovo

    Castronovo - 2012-06-13

    Thanks to "A4C sprl" for solution.

    /etc/webmin/useradmin/config => changer display_max=500 au lieu de display_max=400
    For Users
    /etc/webmin/useradmin/config => changer max_records=300 au lieu de max_records=200
    For Alias aliases


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