#930 multiple bugs with bind 9.2.1 on redhat 7.3


1. chroot config does not function properly. it works
ok with already
created domains, however creating new zones does not work.
the new zone file is first touched in the zone directory,
however afterwards updated
as if there were no chroot directive in config file.
also the
entry in named.conf gets "/" in front of zone file name as
the path were absolute (i.e. "/myzone.com").

2. When creating a new master domain in non-chrooted
environment, "apply changes" button on new domain does
not work (as if the zone does not exist). the whole
must be reloaded in order to load the new zone.

3. "rndc" command is not recognized by setup script,
which is
minor problem since it can be configured manually in


  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2003-01-09

    Logged In: YES

    1. For chroot to work properly, you have to set the 'Chroot
    directory to run BIND under' on the Module Config page. It
    cannot be worked out automatically from named.conf at the
    moment. When it is active, all paths that you enter in
    webmin should be relative to the chroot directory (ie -
    /myzone.com instead of /var/named/myzone.com if /var/named
    is the chroot dir).

    2. That is unavoidable unfortunately .. the ndc and rndc
    commands cannot tell BIND to load a zone for the first time,
    only to re-load it after the records have changed.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    unfortunately, chroot does not work. I created the
    environment as follows:

    /var/named (chroot dir)
    /var/named/ (zones subdir)
    /var/run/named/ (pid subdir)

    as you can see, zone files are saved in /var/named inside
    chroot tree.
    webmin strarts the creation of zone file correctly, but
    for some reason, then writes to the root dir of chrooted

    example (all paths are now absolute to the full environment):

    where /var/named/var/named/myzone.hosts only has "$ttl 43200",
    and the rest is then saved to /var/named/myzone.hosts. Now,
    this is
    clearly a bug. In addition, /var/named/etc/named.conf entry has
    file "/myzone.hosts" instead of "/var/named/myzone.hosts" or
    simply "myzone.hosts". "Delete zone" removes only
    /var/named/myzone.hosts, the other two files remain.

    Is it possible that you somewhere use some kind of
    regular expression to remove the head of chrooted path and then
    by accident also remove my zones subdir because they are in my
    setup accidentally the same?

  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2003-01-09

    Updated BIND DNS Server module

  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2003-01-09

    Logged In: YES

    You are right, the module does remove the chroot path from
    the path entered in case it is included .. However, this now
    seems like a bad idea :-)
    I have attached an updated module to this bug report that no
    longer removes the path - give it a try.


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