#4384 Standard Modules: GRUB Boot Loader


Please make it clear that this module is for "Grub Legacy" which is no longer supported upstream and how to get "Grub2" support.


  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2014-03-05

    I suppose the title could be changed, but it isn't clear how that would help much since the module should get hidden in "Un-used modules" if legacy grub is not installed.

  • rocking-bear

    rocking-bear - 2014-03-06

    So the question seems to be: What is your point of view about the meaning of the "Un-used modules"? May be its more the view of a admin which is running his server and webmin some time already, so you see no need?

    I have a different point of view:
    I just got my fresh installed dedicated server at kimsufi.com, with only minimal set of packages installed. I am not a novice to Linux but want a helping hand for the first weeks on this server. So I figured out, webmin may be useful and installed it for the first time. After installation I came back to the Webmin server and find out, there is a lot of third party modules. And further, there is a lot of modules included, which got under "Un-used modules". So I was starting a shopping tour. What is what in the "Un-used modules and what is its use for. There are many interesting to me, only the minimal installation with ssh-server was the reason they got not listed at the right place. So I installed the relating programs on my server and switched the modules to the right place by configuring their module and Reassign them. On this way I stumbled over the "GRUB Boot Loader" module and had the impression it might be useful for managing GRUB on a actual server. But a closer look at the config shows, it is the config for GRUB Legacy only and no hint where to find the config for actual GRUB. Under "Bootup and Shutdown" it is not, right?

  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2014-03-06

    The "unused modules" category is for modules whose underlying software or service is not yet installed. The idea is to remove entries from the other categories that can't currently be used, while still giving the user the option to see them and perhaps install missing dependencies.


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