#3462 moving slave zones between views leaves old zone file path

d elleray

On Chroot BIND 9.6/Linux
having created a slave zone (by accident using the default) in a view after opening up the zone and 'moving' it to the correct view the zone file entry in bind.conf was not updated, although the zone itself was renamed.

after the move ...in view 'destinationview'.... in /etc/named.conf
zone "mydomain.com" {
type slave;
masters {......};
file "/var/named/slaves/mydomain.com.originalview.hosts";
should have been
file "/var/named/slaves/mydomain.co.zm.destinationview.hosts";
which is where the zone file was renamed to.

would be nice to be able to choose the default view to create masters/slaves in;
also clicking on "create xxx" link near a view should default to that view.


  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2009-07-31

    So do you have your slave record files setup to include the view name? Webmin doesn't really know about this, so wouldn't know to make the chance ..

  • d elleray

    d elleray - 2009-07-31

    actually i don't know - i just let webmin do it.

    I think that since adding views webmin as always done it, and must know something about it because it renamed the zone file with the change in view name, just didn't change the name of the zone file to the new one when it moved it from original view s tree in bind.conf.



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