#346 Text only theme


The new theme is nice and I kept it, nevertheless I
have always wanted to use a "text-only" version of
Webmin. Could you provide a theme based on the old
Webmin layout that just avoids all the icons in
there? Especially over Internet remote connections
this would speed up the navigation with Webmin a lot.

Thanks for considering.


  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2002-03-05

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    You can still switch back to the old theme which has
    less graphics than the new one, but a text-only theme with
    no icons at all on the main page would be nice. Until I
    develop one, you can go into Webmin Configuraion -> User
    Interface and change the display of all titles to text
    only, which should speed things up a bit ..

  • Kai Schätzl

    Kai Schätzl - 2002-03-05

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    Thanks for the follow-up, Jamie. I have to admit that I
    had it running this way all the time (until the new theme
    came). It's much faster than with those many letter icons
    and doesn't look very different. Until you or someone
    creates a text-only theme, maybe it would be possible to
    just switch off display of program icons in the old theme
    (or change something so that the browser can cache and re-
    use these icons?)? Since there is always a title beneath
    the icon this should work out nicely as an intermediate. :-
    ) Anyway, you can close this feature request.

  • Kai Schätzl

    Kai Schätzl - 2002-03-05
    • status: open --> open-later
  • Kai Schätzl

    Kai Schätzl - 2002-06-09

    Logged In: YES

    FYI: There is some kind of text-only theme, the "simple
    theme" on the third-party list. It combines all categories on
    one text-only table page, very handy. Unfortunately the pages
    after this remain with the icons. But it makes switching
    between applications much easier.


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