#2035 version 1 quota ( ext3 filesystem )


When using version 1 quota with kernel 2.4.29 ( quota.*
files ) webmin Disk Quotas module does not work and
does not recognize the quota system.


  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2005-04-14

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    What does the command
    /sbin/quotaon -p /filesystem
    output on your system, when run as root at the shell prompt?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    > What does the command
    > /sbin/quotaon -p /filesystem
    > output on your system, when run as root at the shell prompt?

    servername:/ # /usr/sbin/quotaon -p /
    group quota on / (/dev/hda3) is off
    user quota on / (/dev/hda3) is off

  • Tom Henderson

    Tom Henderson - 2005-04-26

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    here some additional information:

    After a kernel update to 2.4.29 I get the following failure
    "quotaon: Quota format not supported in kernel."

    I managed to get the quotas work on the command shell but
    not with webmin as I followed the following hints:

    rm /aquota.user
    rm /quota.user
    quotacheck -v -c -F vfsold -m /
    /etc/init.d/quota restart

    That created the quota file /quota.user that works fine on
    the command line but when I try to enable quota from the
    webmin interface, webmin tries to create a /aquota.user file
    so I think that this is a kind of quots version problem.

    Heres also a output of quotastats:
    Kernel quota version: 6.5.1
    Number of dquot lookups: 34409723
    Number of dquot drops: 34388217
    Number of dquot reads: 163
    Number of dquot writes: 40098
    Number of quotafile syncs: 1636
    Number of dquot cache hits: 685308
    Number of allocated dquots: 80
    Number of free dquots: 28
    Number of in use dquot entries (user/group): 52

    When I try to enable the Quotas via webmin ( SYSTEM -> DISK
    QUOTAS ) I click on the "Enable Quotas" under Column
    "Action" and nothing happens, the website gets refreshed but
    theres still the "Enable Quotas" under "Action" and on the
    command line I can see that it tried to build the
    /aquota.user file.


  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2005-04-26

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    One thing you should try is loading the quota_v2 kernel
    module, with :
    modprobe quota_v2
    and then trying to enable quotas with :
    quotaon /


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