I sent you direct e-mail for more information, but it apparently disappeared into SourceForge's bit bucket. I've resent it, so please let me know if you do not receive it.

For others who come upon this issue, new installers often have a bit of trouble getting LDAP to work correctly, since there are a number of variations in how LDAP servers can be configured, and if any of the settings in Web-CAT's configuration are wrong, authentication fails without necessarily indicating where the problem is. In this case, the error suggests perhaps that the LDAP server is expecting TLS for security, while the Web-CAT installation might be configured to use SSL without TLS (also secure, but won't work with an LDAP server that requires TLS).

Unfortunately, there is no single recipe to setting the LDAP choices for Web-CAT, since they depend on the LDAP server used for authentication, and often the person running the Web-CAT self-installation wizard may not know the exact details required to set the parameters successfully. We're considering rewriting the self-installation wizard so that it can intelligently probe the LDAP server to try to identify the correct settings, instead of simply asking you to fill them in, but we have other higher-priority items to fix in the mean time.

Anyway, so far we've been able to help everyone who has requested help with LDAP configuration, so I'm pretty sure we can get you through this setup hurdle with a little patience :-).