#61 New Web 2.0 Javascript interface does not work in Firefox


I've been a happy user of WebCAT since year 2008. Yesterday I've some issues with the CSS files (not working at all) and with some database queries
("null pointer exception" like errors). Well, the fact is that I reinstalled the WebCAT 1.4.0 war file (a fresh install, I deleted the previous database),
and to my surprise, the CSS files have changed a lot. Now it's more visually pleasing but... the dropdown menus (to add new Assignments, Course Offerings, etc.) are incompatible with Firefox! What is more, I've checked and the same (wrong) behaviour occurs also in Opera and Chrome (all of them for Ubuntu Linux 9.04). Now, I have to disable temporally the CSS files and apply a null css in order to have access to the dropdown menus.

I think that this bug is related to this other one: 2960758 (it might be a duplicate)


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I've marked the non-functioning dropdown menu

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    Anonymous - 2010-03-28

    Oh... never mind, it's not a WebCAT bug, it's a bad configuration issue in my installation. Sorry for the heads up.

  • Stephen H. Edwards

    This issue appears to be fixed in the current release.

  • Stephen H. Edwards

    • status: open --> open-fixed