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New release 0.0.2 for wavemaker

The new version of wavemaker is ready. This version provides a network interface to communicates with gwavemaker (rfirst elease planned before the end of this month)

Posted by Laurent Delépine 2003-07-14

Network interface for WaveMaker

Now, WaveMaker may communicate via a network socket beside normal communication via standard stream. The GNU Common C++ is now needed to compile the software (link on WaveMaker home site)

Posted by Laurent Delépine 2003-02-16

First release

The release 0.1 is now disponible. This version is only with text interface. 2 basic plugins are purchased : the file plugin pcmfile.so.0.0 for raw sound file generation (8 bits, 1 or 2 voices), the cell plugin corecells.so.0.0 with 1 cell (oscillator, generate a periodic sound).

Posted by Laurent Delépine 2003-01-17