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I'm just cleaning all the code (changin name's variables, correcting comments... (for 2nd time - do not rm -f * in you project directory with no back up)).

Posted by Pablo 2004-07-20

Version 0.2.12

I am cleaning the code, but like the 'lpc' command is in octave, I added this method, although it does not result for signal different than voice.

Posted by Pablo 2004-05-17

version 0.2.9 added

See changelog for datails.

Leer el changelog para ms detalles.

Posted by Pablo 2004-03-30

version 0.2.8 added

You only need download it if you are using a newer than 2.1.50 version of octave, becouse I was using a built-in-variable which is no longer available.

Posted by Pablo 2004-03-02

version 0.2.7 added

I changed the the diferents .m files (one each language) by only one .m file and different XML files containing the languaje.

The 0.2.6 was an intermediate version not stable enough.

Posted by Pablo 2004-02-19


Please leave opinions, suggestions, etc in forums

Posted by Pablo 2004-01-30

Version 0.2.5 Added

Improvements in menu2.m function
Improvements in config files, more flexible structure (pseudo XML).
Now you can use every function in windows, and choose your favourite text editor, audio and midi player.

Mejoras es la funcion menu2.m
Mejoras en los archivos de configuracin, estructura ms flexible (pseudo XML)
Ahora es posible usar todas las funciones desde windows, y elegir el editor de texto, y reproductor de audio y midi

Posted by Pablo 2004-01-30