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Update Issues

Our new settings format went live a few months ago. Any settings stored in the old format are unfortunately lost unless someone writes a converter.

Also, the version of Eclipse that we're building from has been updated. Unfortunately the updater appears to not update the Eclipse packages bundled in the install. If you update and find Warlock is broken, try doing a fresh install. The most recent version currently located at http://build.warlock.cc/

Posted by Sean Proctor 2013-02-19

Actually closing in on release

As far as code goes, I've fixed up the settings and things seem to be working decently there. The UI has been cleaned up a bit. A ton of bugs have been squashed.

I finally figured out how the build mechanics work. Mac builds are fixed. Building from a newer version of Eclipse. Might get a modern one eventually.

Our server has been update. I'll probably have an actual release out in a little bit once the dust has settled from the update. If you're running into bugs, now is the time to report them.

Posted by Sean Proctor 2013-02-17

Migration Issues

We've moved over to SourceForge's new site. Unfortunately, this has broken the dates on our old news articles. I'll be gradually moving our wiki articles over to SF, so if anyone wants to help speed up that process, I'd appreciate it.

As for actual Warlock stuff, I've spent some time improving the preferences dialog. The UI is not exactly what I want, but it will do for now. Please report any issues on the bug tracker here.

Posted by Sean Proctor 2012-09-27

Still Fixing

According to Kassah, the HDD on warlock.cc is having fits. The server is down for now, but he posted the latest snapshot on sourceforge. Hit the download link above to get it.

Posted by Sean Proctor 2012-09-04

Probably the last Warlock-GTK release

I made a github repository for Warlock-GTK. You can find it at https://github.com/sproctor/warlock-gtk . I did a bit of work on it. This is a less ambitious, simplified release. I was never going to get JS working properly, so it has been removed. Only wizard-style scripts are supported now. I removed the EggDock a while back. This release is back to using windows. I ported it to GTK 3.

Warlock.cc was back up for a few days, but it's down again now. I wish I had gotten some Warlock2 builds off of there while it was up. I'll be doing my best to bring those over here over the next few days. If you have a recent build, please feel free to report bugs here. If you're using one of the old builds, please don't report bugs from it.

Posted by Sean Proctor 2012-08-31

Warlock.cc is down

We haven't been on SourceForge for about 5 years. We've been having issues with our server not having enough RAM to run Jira. For the time being, feel free to submit any bug reports through the bug tracker on SourceForge.

The server being down means our build system is down. You can still get the source from my repository on github (https://github.com/sproctor/warlock2). We're working on getting the automated builds back up, but it may take a while.

Posted by Sean Proctor 2012-08-28

Warlock released!

This is our last release before alpha, major progress has been made in many areas.
See our download page here: http://warlock.cc/builds/

New Capabilities:
- The Stormfront scripting language is now mostly implemented, we are looking for more feedback/bug reports.
- Most setttings stored on the server are now used (Macros, Highlight Strings/Names, Server Scripts, Preset colors, etc)
- Saving / Changing some preferences (Highlights Strings/Names) now work and go back to the server
- New visual looks for our bars and hands views
- OS X compatibility and binary has been added. We’re looking for dedicated OS X testers, so if you’re interested, stop by #warlock
- We’ve added scroll lock so you can now scroll up and not lose your place when new text appears in the game view... read more

Posted by William Lightning 2007-09-14

Project updates

We’ve been running at full speed ramping up our new site and getting Warlock2 ready for public consumption. There’s some new website and community changes that I’d like to point your attention to:
Mantis: Our new bug filing / feature request system
If you are testing Warlock2 out from SVN or one of our snapshot builds, please feel free to file any bugs or feature requests you have in our new bug system Mantis: http://warlock.cc/mantis
Migrated Wiki
We’ve migrated our wiki, and the contents are being constantly updated with new information, please feel free to contribute here: http://warlock.cc/Wikka. We will be updating to a new MediaWiki or similar installation also soon.
New release coming
Sean, Will, and I have been working really hard to get a new snapshot release out which we will call our last “pre-alpha” release. There’s a lot of work on the internals in this release, making Warlock2 a near stand-in replacement for Stormfront. Updates include automatic Profile login from command line and menu, support for scripts saved on the server (and near-full wizard/stormfront script support), a working command history, improved interface for various graphical bars, and more. We’ll have screenshots and a new demo to showcase our functionality very soon.... read more

Posted by William Lightning 2007-08-29

Looking for Artists

We're quickly reaching the limits of our graphics skills. So please drop by our channel and hit us up if you have ANY graphics talent at all!

Posted by William Lightning 2007-08-25

New Website and Snapshot Release

We’ve started a new website / blog at http://warlock.cc

In conjunction with the new website, we have a new snapshot release available on sourceforge check our downloads page for it.

In this release we’ve added the following features:
- UI for Server Preferences
- Support for saving Highlight Strings to the server (ala Stormfront)
- Added left/right hand views

Posted by William Lightning 2007-07-29

Snapshot release, more active development

Hey again everyone. Just wanted to post a quick update.

We posted an extremely unstable Warlock2 build on our Downloads page here:

Be aware that many things are broken, but just logging in and retrieving settings from the server should be working. We will probably be making a new snapshot to replace this version very soon, as there has been a ton of active development lately.. Just to name a few things that are currently being worked on:... read more

Posted by Marshall Culpepper 2007-05-20

New Warlock2 screenshots

We've posted some new Warlock2 screenshots over in our screenshot section. Some of the notable latest progress has been:

  • Autosaving of Account/Player profile
  • Pulling server settings for colors/fonts
  • More concrete separation of code
Posted by Marshall Culpepper 2007-04-08

News on Warlock2

I've been doing some major refactoring and spending some late night hours with the codebase of Warlock2. Maybe we won't abandon it this time, but of course I can't make any promises.

Come stop by #warlock on freenode if you have any questions about it.

Posted by Marshall Culpepper 2007-03-31

0.5-pre6 is out

Not a whole lot new here. Added some commands to the scripting to bring us closer to SF scripting, I believe. Fixed 3 or 4 crashing bugs. Changed the text windows to be in EggDock widgets, so they can be moved around. Still needs a bit of work to work properly. Should be more stable than the last release (which was almost a year and a half ago), but the EggDock stuff is a little buggy. 0.5 final is going to require GTK 2.10 and will ditch the EggDock stuff again, so I'm not spending time on it. I'm waiting for GTK 2.10 to go into Debian before making the changes though. Sorry that I haven't spent much time on Warlock lately. I'm going to be working on the Java version more soon, I think.

Posted by Sean Proctor 2007-03-19

We've moved to Subversion!

This is important mainly to the developers. We've moved from CVS to SVN. All this means is that the addresses have changed for warlock and warlock2.
Check it out at:

Posted by William Lightning 2006-04-03

0.5-pre4 is out

Two main things this release are the addition of loggin, and allowing compilation without javascript. Javascript support is slightly improved. You can run scripts now without them crashing, unless you use callbacks. Callbacks are still less than ideal. Still not good enough for me to implement some of the functionality of wizard scripts. Hopefully they'll be usable by the next pre-release. Oh, and of course I've fixed quite a number of bugs for this release, and probably created a few more.

Posted by Sean Proctor 2005-11-12

Another development release

It's been a while, but I just put together another release. Python is gone, javascript is here. Javascript is pretty broken. You can run scripts, but expect crashes here and there. I'm not totally sure why. I've bumped the GTK and glib reqs to 2.6. Option parsing is now handled by glib and is much better than in 0.4. The command history is now saved.

Posted by Sean Proctor 2005-05-31

Java port abandoned

Marshall and I have decided that the Java port of Warlock is too cumbersome. Needing to create all of those objects and remember the interfaces has become a daunting task as the Warlock2 project grows. We have decided to start work on Warlock3 aka The Final Solution in Perl. We feel Perl's dynamic typing and forgiving interfaces will allow us to quickly bring a high quality, maintainable solution, cross platform solution to everyone looking to play Simutronics games from other platforms.... read more

Posted by Sean Proctor 2005-04-01

easter status update

The past few months have been pretty busy in warlock development. We've been able to knock quite a few things off the check list including:
- health/mana/fatigue/spirit bars
- A plugin architecture
- Cross platform to Windows, Linux, Mac
- Tabbed-playing (for multiple accounts)
- Integrated Login wizard (ala SGE) w/ the ability to save multiple accounts

We are currently working hard on solidifying the interface and supporting the Stormfront protocol's idea of "streams". We are hoping that we'll have an alpha release out soon for everyone to play with.... read more

Posted by Marshall Culpepper 2005-03-27

warlock2 well under way

it's been just over a year since i posted to the warlock home page. as sean has mentioned in the previous news item, development on warlock2 has commenced and will be be moving at a very rapid pace with both sean and I actively committing and discussing it's future.

just some functionality teasers to wet your appetite:
- StormFront / XML Protocol based means:
- Settings on the server
- health/mana/fatigue/spirit bars
- an easier to maintain parsing engine
- Wizard, Stormfront, and Javascript scripting support
- A plugin architecture
- Cross platform to Windows, Linux, Mac
- Define your own windows based on filters
- Tabbed-playing (for multiple accounts)
- Integrated Login wizard (ala SGE) w/ the ability to save multiple accounts... read more

Posted by Marshall Culpepper 2005-01-14

work on 0.5 stalled, work on Java version commences

The version in the subversion repository has a bunch of work done on python scripting. So much work that I realized the python interpreter and bindings are too limited to really do what I would like to do with them. If work continues on 0.5, I will switch to spidermonkey, the javascript interpreter from mozilla.

In much more exciting news, Marshall has started writing a client in Java, using the stormfront protocol. I've started documenting the protocol (nasty protocol, but better than the protocol from the wizard). We should have something basic to demo in a couple months.

Posted by Sean Proctor 2005-01-11

0.4 oops

Sorry, the upload to SF got fubar'd somehow. 0.4 has been re-uploaded. if you have any problems with the new files, please let me know.

Posted by Sean Proctor 2004-11-30

0.4 released

after over a week of procrastinating, 0.4 is released upon the world. It's very similar to 0.4-rc2, but error messages from python show up in the main window, and you can pause python scripts. also stdout in python is the main window.

Posted by Sean Proctor 2004-11-24

Lost old articles

Sorry, but I don't know how to post old news to this site and maintain the old dates. I don't want it to seem like everything is very current, so I'm going to leave them out. If anyone knows how to do this, or move releases from one branch to another, please let me know.

On an unrelated note, 0.4 is almost ready for release. I'm going to give it a few more days and see if anymore bugs turn up.

Posted by Sean Proctor 2004-11-18

First post

So I'm switching to the SF provided news system as I'm sick of editing HTML. Hopefully this transition will go quickly and smoothly so I don't look foolish.

Posted by Sean Proctor 2004-11-18

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