#7 Bootup via DHCP does not receive GW


I just updated to WANem V1.2.1 (from 1.2) to use the Load/Save feature. I normally use WANem just with DHCP and reserve a specific address for this MAC on the local DHCP server, so I avoid configuring the interfaces manually on startup, but nevertheless have a fixed setup. However, contrary to V1.2, the new version does not properly use the GW address and thus cannot route traffic properly. The interface is setup correctly rgd. IP and NW-mask (so yes: the right MAC address is mapped in DHCP!), however no GW address is present and no corresponding routes are set. Only when I configure eth0 manually it works.


  • Hans-Juergen

    Hans-Juergen - 2008-07-22

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    Additional Note: seemingly just applies to VMWare Appliance. Just tried to boot up a real PC with iso-image, and here DHCP assignment of GW works as expected.

  • jpluebbert

    jpluebbert - 2008-09-30

    I've the same problem with 1.2.1 and DHCP. No, routes are set. I'm using a real PC too.


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