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VuFind 3.1 Released

Today sees a significant new VuFind release, version 3.1.

Some key additions and changes: Improved and expanded support for geographic searching and map display; Richer facet browsing functionality; A new “asset pipeline” to improve page load times by combining files; Major performance and functionality enhancements to the SolrMarc indexing tool; Logger integration with the Slack messaging service.... read more

Posted by Demian Katz 2016-09-26

VuFind 2.5.4 and 3.0 Released

Today sees the release of two new VuFind versions: 3.0, a major release with significant new features, and 2.5.4, a minor release designed primarily to improve compatibility with the newly-released Ubuntu 16.04.

Some key additions and changes in release 3.0: Improved support for indexing multiple authors (and other types of creators); New filtering options in “combined search” mode to make your “bento box” search even more flexible; A database-driven record cache to improve performance and permanence when working with third-party APIs; Compatibility with PHP 7; Inclusion of Solr 5.5.0, which adds new indexing features and better Windows support; A significantly rewritten front-end theme offering greater stability, improved ease of customization and a more consistent user experience; New recommendation modules to help guide users to better search results.... read more

Posted by Demian Katz 2016-04-25

VuFind 2.5.3 Released

A minor VuFind release was issued today to ensure that the 2.x line has a fully PHP7-compatible release prior to being succeeded by the first release of the 3.x line next week. This is likely to be the final 2.x release. Stay tuned for more news on 3.x very soon!

Posted by Demian Katz 2016-04-18

VuFind 2.5 Released

VuFind 2.5 was released today.

Some key additions: Improved internationalization features, including support for right-to-left languages and a new Arabic translation; New tools and settings for supporting high availability; An improved interface for tagging records; New “library card” system to allow a single user to access multiple accounts in a consortial environment; Updates to newer versions of key dependencies: Solr 4.10.4, Zend Framework 2.4.6 and Bootstrap 3.3.4.... read more

Posted by Demian Katz 2015-09-28

VuFind 2.4.1 Released

A maintenance release was pushed out today correcting a handful of bugs. This update is most important if you use internationalization features, since it corrects some problems with translation introduced in release 2.4 as a result of changes in the underlying Zend Framework.

Posted by Demian Katz 2015-05-25

VuFind 2.4 Released

VuFind 2.4 was released today.

Some key additions: A new default theme incorporating responsive design for a more consistent desktop vs. mobile experience; Support for the Piwik open source analytics tool; Integration with new web services including DPLA search results and Facebook authentication; Smarter indexing of call numbers for improved searching, sorting and browsing; Updates to the latest versions of key components, including Zend Framework and SolrMarc, and adjustments to take advantage of new language features found in PHP 5.4.... read more

Posted by Demian Katz 2015-03-23

VuFind 2.3.1 Released

VuFind 2.3.1 was released today; this is a minor bug fix release which resolves some issues discovered since release 2.3. The largest changes are in the experimental Bootstrap3 theme, which has been significantly adjusted for better standards compliance and to resolve some problems.

Posted by Demian Katz 2014-11-17

VuFind 2.3 Released

Version 2.3 of the VuFind Open Source discovery software has just been released. This new release adds several new features as well as further improving the stability and flexibility of the software.

Some key additions: Support for retrieving results from additional third-party services: EBSCO Discovery Service, EBSCO Integration Toolkit, Primo Central and LibGuides; New themes offering updated support for the Bootstrap framework; Support for ReCAPTCHA security on several key forms; Expanded account functionality, including user-initiated password changes and recovery by email; and Expanded book cover display functionality, including the ability to generate dynamic cover images on the fly.... read more

Posted by Demian Katz 2014-08-08

VuFind 2.2 Released

Version 2.2 of the VuFind Open Source discovery software has just been released. This new release adds several new features as well as further improving the stability and flexibility of the software.

Some key additions: new themes using the Bootstrap framework to add responsive design features; expanded faceting functionality, which allows users to filter data in more complex ways; incorporation of microdata to improve search engine optimization; a tag management module for administrators; and improved authentication options, including CAS support and the ability to allow users to choose from multiple authentication systems.... read more

Posted by Demian Katz 2014-01-27

VuFind 2.1 Released

Version 2.1 of the VuFind Open Source discovery software has just been released. This enhanced release adds several significant new features to the VuFind 2.0 package released earlier in the year.

Some key additions: flexible and configurable support for combining search results from multiple sources, inspired by Villanova University's multi-column Catalog/Summon search; a new module for indexing websites; and integration with new software and services, including Booksite enhanced content, the Polaris ILS, and the Pazpar2 open source metasearch tool.... read more

Posted by Demian Katz 2013-08-23

VuFind 2.0 Released

Version 2.0 of the VuFind Open Source discovery software has just been released. This stable release, more than two years in the making, marks the production-readiness of the redesigned software.

In addition to the improved architecture and functionality demonstrated by earlier preview releases of 2.0, this version includes a few significant new features: the underlying Solr index has been upgraded to version 4.2.1, which offers many new features and greatly improved memory management; Google Analytics support is now available through a simple configuration setting; support for new RDA cataloging has been improved; and language auto-detection is now available for international users. Additionally, several bug fixes and minor improvements have been incorporated. ... read more

Posted by Demian Katz 2013-06-21

VuFind 2.0RC1 Released

The first release candidate of VuFind 2.0 has just been released. This release provides a preview of the functionality and architecture that will be seen in the full 2.0 release, due later this summer.

The new release includes several significant enhancements: Significant security improvements, including more secure password storage and protection against spammer abuse; A “MultiBackend” driver which allows VuFind to interact with multiple integrated library systems at once; A new and flexible search system with more modular, reusable code; 2.0 versions of all new features introduced in the 1.4 release, including support for hierarchical records and the Clickatell SMS service; and several bug fixes and minor improvements.... read more

Posted by Demian Katz 2013-04-26

VuFind 1.4 Released

The final major release in the VuFind 1.x line is now available. VuFind 1.4 includes several significant enhancements: support for hierarchical collections of records, allowing better integration of archival materials and digital repositories; built-in support for running without an Integrated Library System, making VuFind more convenient for non-library uses and offering smarter behavior during temporary ILS outages; the ability to provide custom recommendations to the user when no search results are found; an improved and expanded mobile interface; new index fields allowing VuFind to be used as an article index; optional Clickatell support for text messaging; and several new interface translations: Basque, Catalan, Czech and Russian. Additionally, several bug fixes and minor improvements have been incorporated. The new release can be downloaded at .

Posted by Demian Katz 2013-01-28

2.0beta Preview Available

A new preview version of VuFind 2.0 is now available. 2.0beta features all of the same functionality as 2.0alpha, but it has been upgraded to use the newly released Zend Framework 2.0. Additionally, the installation process and configuration options have been made more powerful and flexible, and online documentation has been significantly expanded.

2.0beta is still NOT INTENDED FOR PRODUCTION, and some architectural details will change prior to the full 2.0 release in 2013. However, the code is maturing, and this release should be suitable for use by early adopters willing to follow development closely over the coming months.... read more

Posted by Demian Katz 2012-10-01

2.0alpha Preview Available; 2.0beta Underway

The first feature-complete preview release of VuFind 2.0 has been completed. Built using Zend Framework, this is the first step in moving VuFind to a more modern architecture. The preview release demonstrates all of the existing VuFind 1.x functionality while also filling in several gaps (including a more full-featured mobile theme and more consistent treatment of Summon and WorldCat records). This release is NOT INTENDED FOR PRODUCTION USE, as the architecture is still under development and many implementation details are still subject to change. However, it should serve as a taste of things to come, and comments/bug reports are welcome.... read more

Posted by Demian Katz 2012-07-02

VuFind 1.3 Released

The latest version of VuFind has just been released. The new release includes several significant enhancements: A new "book bag" feature for shopping-cart-style bulk actions (save, email, export multiple records); an upgrade to Apache Solr 3.5; new optional search plug-ins (visual timelines, Google Maps integration and Europeana searches); enhanced RSS feeds that allow VuFind results to be easily shared with external services such as Elsevier's SciVerse platform; and improved Syndetics integration. The "blueprint" theme is now the default setting, encouraging users to take advantage of jQuery in VuFind. Additionally, several bug fixes and minor improvements have been incorporated. The new release can be downloaded at .

Posted by Demian Katz 2012-01-30

VuFind 1.2 Released

A new version of VuFind has just been released. Significant new features include support for expanded ILS integration (holds, renewals, etc. -- currently supported by Voyager and Horizon, with more drivers to come), a brand new alternate mobile theme based on jQuery Mobile (currently labeled "experimental," but worth a look), more accurate advanced search, more complete translation support than ever before, and many minor bug fixes and feature enhancements. The new release can be downloaded at .

Posted by Demian Katz 2011-08-01

VuFind 1.1 Released

The next major release of VuFind has just come out. 1.1 adds numerous enhancements, including expanded support for non-MARC and authority records, autosuggesters, improved keyword highlighting, better favorites management, a sitemap generator and lots more. The entire code base has also been thoroughly reviewed, documented and improved, making this the most stable and secure VuFind yet. To download a copy and learn more, visit .

Posted by Demian Katz 2011-03-21

VuFind usability discussed in ITAL

The March, 2011 issue of Information Technology in Libraries features a VuFind-themed article, "Usability of the VuFind Next-Generation Online Catalog," by Jennifer Emanuel. This provides a positive report on the software and some helpful guidelines for performing local usability testing. For more details (and an update to the details provided by the article), see the ITALica blog: .

Posted by Demian Katz 2011-03-03

VuFind featured in Converge magazine

Converge, an online magazine focusing on technology in education, has published a feature article about VuFind. Past, present and future of the project are discussed, and several key players are quoted. Take a look here: .

Posted by Demian Katz 2010-08-17

VuFind 1.0.1 Released

A major release usually turns up a few small problems, and VuFind 1.0 was no exception. This maintenance release fixes the bugs found in the first month after VuFind 1.0 was unveiled as well as adding a couple of minor enhancements, including "Next/Previous" links on record pages and a simple OAI-PMH harvest tool. For more details, and to download the latest version, please visit

Posted by Demian Katz 2010-08-13

VuFind out of beta with 1.0 release

VuFind's long beta period is now over. Today, VuFind 1.0 has been released. In addition to improved stability, the new release includes several features missing from the previous release candidate: flexible support for non-MARC metadata formats, a mobile interface, Dewey Decimal support, integration with Serials Solutions' Summon, and more! For all the details and to obtain the software, please visit

Posted by Demian Katz 2010-07-15

VuFind 1.0 Release Candidate 2 now available

The wait is over: the second release candidate of VuFind is now available. Featuring improved security and stability, many new configuration options and the latest versions of Solr and SolrMarc, this is the best VuFind yet. For more details, please visit

Posted by Demian Katz 2009-12-14

Going Live!

There have been a recent wave of new VuFind instances going live (or public beta): National Library of Ireland, University of Michigan, Wake Forest, Colorado State, York University, London School of Economics, University of Georgia, and more... Great work everyone!

Posted by Andrew Nagy 2009-09-30

VuFind wins Mellon Award

On December 8th, Villanova University was amongst 10 other finalist for the 3rd annual Mellon Award for Technology Collaboration award for the development of VuFind. The award was delivered at the annual CNI Taskforce Meeting in Washington DC. Read the press release for more information: and here is a photo of the Villanova team with Vint Cerf:

Posted by Andrew Nagy 2008-12-18

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