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VTun 3.0.2

Not on schedule but true to the trend, VTun 3.0.2 has finally been released. Please get your patches in for 3.0.3 or 3.1.0.

Posted by Bishop 2008-02-08

VTun 3.0.1

Correcting a build failure and incorporating some updated scripts from Surgo, VTun 3.0.1 is now available. Please report any surprises via the tracker.

Posted by Bishop 2007-06-12

VTun 3.0.0

At long, long last, VTun 3.0.0 is humbly offered for your download and use. Please report surprises via the Bug Tracker, and ask any questions on the mailing list.

Big, shiny things are on the horizon, thanks to very talented patch contributors, and we're looking forward to implementing all of them. Stay lightly tuned!

Posted by Bishop 2006-12-11

Welcome NewsForge Readers

Great news: VTun was featured in NewsForge, the Online Newspaper for Linux and Open Source. Marc Abramowitz wrote a great piece about easy tunneling, and chose to use vtun for one of his examples.

So, to all fearless adventurers making their way here: grab a copy of the software and try it out! Test out the newest 2.9 (3.0-pre) releases, ask questions, offer Diffs and see if VTun really is the easiest way to create Virtual Tunnels over TCP/IP networks with traffic shaping, compression, and encryption.

Posted by Bishop 2006-06-13

Join the VTun team

The Vtun Project needs a new Project Manager and new Developers. Apply within!

Posted by Bishop 2005-03-09

VTun 2.6

VTun 2.6 has been released, at long last.

Highlights include code cleanups and a mini-port to OS/X, various patches submitted by PLD, Leo and others. Go see!

Posted by Bishop 2003-04-06

VTun 2.5

VTun 2.5 has been released.

Posted by Bishop 2002-01-27

VTun 2.3

VTun 2.3 has been released

Posted by Max Krasnyansky 2000-06-05

VTun 2.2

VTun 2.2 has been released

Posted by Max Krasnyansky 2000-05-16

VTun 2.1 final has been released.

Posted by Max Krasnyansky 2000-04-18

2.1b4 Released

Posted by Max Krasnyansky 2000-04-06