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vtcl-win (1.5.1b4)

  • Rudolf Schnapka

    Rudolf Schnapka - 2001-06-08

    after updating to the current state as of 06/08/2001 I cannot start vtcl under windows98. The error messages say:
    bad window path name ".cTcl.varlist" while executing "wm state $newname" ("show" arm line 7) invoked from within "switch $cmd { show {...}} (procedure "Window" line 11) [etc. can provide details if needed on request...]
    error starts with call to "vTcl:main $argc $argv" in line 717 of vtcl.tcl
    i can use this version without problems of this type in linux...
    would appreciate help or other solution :-)

    • Rudolf Schnapka

      Rudolf Schnapka - 2001-06-10

      hi there,
      adding to my prev information i would like to say that i located the problem. I in the meanwhile accessed an older vTcl-version replacing the rc-file with invalid data for vTcl 1.5.1+
      I recovered from this my deleting the rc-file. The same trouble occurred on Linux also by calling an older version (1.20) of vTcl.
      Wouldn't it be nice placing version-information into the rc-file and checking for incompatibilities when reading the file at startup?

      ok for now - i'm very fond of the current acchievements...


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