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Switching to Subversion

Today we've migrated the project from CVS to Subversion (SVN). See for a very nice treatment of SVN. The official CLI client is available at, but it's probably already included in your favorit distro.

Posted by Hans P. Palbøl 2006-05-25

Version 0.6.2 released

This release is a maintenance release. It features some bug fixes, a better build system and other small fixes.

Posted by Hans P. Palbøl 2004-05-03

New developer at VSTGL

We are pleased to welcome a new member of the VSTGL developer team. Mathias N. Kjrgaard has recently joined the project, and is already actively involved in maintenance and development. All this activity will ultimately result in a new release.

Posted by Hans P. Palbøl 2003-12-04

New release 0.6.1

This release of VSTGL is a service release fixing various bugs, including the scroll bug. A tarball containing the source and a binary rpm for RedHat systems is available for download at the anonymous ftp site

Posted by admin 2001-04-01

Lack of work on VSTGL

We're sorry that so little has happened with this project the last couple of months, but the whole team has had massive amounts of work/studies to take care of. Work *WILL* continue but when it will is unknown at this point.

Posted by admin 2000-05-26