Adding files started with '.' to VSS

  • Carlos Pereira
    Carlos Pereira


    I've only recently installed this plugin and therefore i'm still testing it.

    This forum has helped me with lots of problems i had during instalation and configuration, but i could't find an answer to this specific question.

    I already have a project that i'd like to share in VSS.

    I choose it and mark as 'Team Share' Select everything ok and it is now connected to VSS.

    Now i just have to add all the files of the project to the VSS. For that i change into the Team Synchronize view and select all the files and choose 'Add to VSS'

    But some problems appear since all the files started with a '.' or all the files inside a folder started with a '.' like for example '.settings'  are not added to VSS with the following message:

    "Error running Add

    Reason :
    80020009: Invalid SourceSafe syntax:

    Can anyone Help me?

    Thanks in advance