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Development Not Dead

We havn't had an update in almost 2 years, but I have been working on Vortex little by little. It's not ready for release, and not even close.

Posted by Cody Harris 2006-11-13

Vortex-OS New Version

Wow, it's been awhile. First up, there's a brand new release of Vortex. Actually it isn't called Vortex OS anymore, it's called Vortex Virtual Machine, or VVM for short. It's version 0.8 of the Vortex series. This version currently ONLY WORKS ON WINDOWS. It will hopefully be ported to Linux using WX, but WX has a lot of bloat so it might be a while.

Anyways, enjoy!

Posted by Cody Harris 2005-04-24


In case you're wondering, I'm getting close to releasing a very unstable version of the Vortex Install/Vortex Manager, the future installer and maintainer of Vortex.

I just removed a version of it off the downloads, because it was too unstable.

Remember to check my homepage, http://vectec.net/ for updates.

Posted by Cody Harris 2004-11-20

Compiled C++ Programs

We hope to be able to offer a library for C++ for use with the Vortex GUI manager, which will allow people to create modules that can be loaded into Vortex in real time. This comes after some difficulty with VParse. The programs will be in C++ and will run by themselves in a self contained code, and the VMW (Vortex Window Manager) will take it's output and send it to the display.

We also plan on using some of Allegro's built in functions for GUI to help with the building of the VWM. Check CVS over the summer.

Posted by Cody Harris 2004-06-09

VParse, Vortex, VNet, and others

We've been working slowly on VParse. We're starting to recode Vortex from scratch (the current system is outdated...). The new Vortex will have VParse's parsing ability and WILL be multithreaded.

Also, we're started work on a Linux Autoinstaller to automatically install programs into the user's homedir.

VNet is also getting a boost. With the quitting of the orginal programmer, I have learned socket programming, to be implemented in all of the above.... read more

Posted by Cody Harris 2004-05-20

Using CVS to address mirroring

We are looking for another host for our site.

The host must have an SSH server where I can log in to distrivbute the content for our site without any issues.

Why you might ask? Because it's the easier way to make our content available across the net.

This also means most our files will be posted for download, but we can still upload a file onto a sever without affecting the CVS copy.

Posted by Cody Harris 2004-05-04

The ball is rolling again!

I'm working on VParse, Vortex's stand along Vertex2 parser.

Until now, i have BEARLY done any work on VParse. But today i'm working on maturing it's scripting...

ADDED: Requires for parser, os, and lib. Currently, it does not have any supported libraries. I *DO* plan to have an allegro version in there somewhere.

Checkback soon for more!

Posted by Cody Harris 2004-04-17

CVS, and VParse

Later today, VParse will hit CVS.

I will start working more and more on VParse until i get Vertex2 up to Vertex. Once it's there i will lay it down again.

What i want to know, do people want Vertex support in Vortex 0.7 or not? Vertex2 is more polished, but people might want the cross platform compatibility.

Also, i am looking for somebody to adopt the 0.6 series and develop it further. If anybody's interested, please contact me or reply in a new thread.

Posted by Cody Harris 2004-04-13

SoE will not run VEGL. Deal turned down.

SoE (http://sf.net/projects/soe) will no longer be running a variant of Vertex called VEGL (Vertex Extended Gaming Language).

This decision was brought by the fact that Vectec Software would NOT be in the credits. I will not be coding another language for them, but i imagine they will find somebody else to do it.

Posted by Cody Harris 2004-04-07

Currently Working on SoE

Vectec Software is currently working on a Zelda game called Storms of Evil, or SoE. We are going to be using technology from VParse to enhance the game engine. I will post a link to SoE later.

Posted by Cody Harris 2004-03-10

VParse Production Slow

Right now VParse is kind in a slump. I've been verry busy with other things right now. I encourage you to create a new module for VParse and mail it to me!

Posted by Cody Harris 2004-03-01

VNet production halted

The developer working on VNet has stopped working. We're not sure is this means there will be no more VNet or not. Just wait and see.

Posted by Cody Harris 2004-03-01

Another VParse released

Well, only a few days later I've released a new version of VParse! The new version supports more commands and has a more structured language. Right now, in contrast of the docs, it does _NOT_ compile in Windows. In another few days I will be releasing an update, which will include more features. Once i get far enough there i will be combining VParse with the current Vortex release making Vortex 0.7-3. Once I get VNet in i will release Vortex 0.8! Please read the VParse release documentation for more information!

Posted by Cody Harris 2004-02-12

VParse released

The framework for the VParse engine has been released. This includes a Binary executable in Linux. The source is also avilable for people on Windows to compile their own.

Expected in next release:
- Smart Commands
- Further framework

Posted by Cody Harris 2004-02-09

0.7.1 Looks vnet compatable

I'm currently find some people to help get internet into vortex by means of a new projects (coming soon) called vnet. I'll update you later on vnet.

Posted by Cody Harris 2004-02-02


So after my site got shut down i had some free time to create vortex-os-win32-devel-0.7.0-2...the 1st vortex version for use in Windows/DOS.


Posted by Cody Harris 2004-01-24

The Vortex Shell 1.1

We didn't really name our shell, but it's very inflexable. We are aiming to give it a bit more flexiblity. The new Vortex shell will come with "Vortex-Utils-1.1". This will include the new shell plus a couple other Vertex programs. Could be put under "Patches," but i don't want to. The original works, it's just not that great.

Posted by Cody Harris 2003-11-13

New Webpage v0.1 coming!

WARNING! Beta release.

Anyways, Rick Krushelniski is making us a nice webpage. It's very "eye candyish." It will be posted at:

Not up yet. Just a heads up.

Posted by Cody Harris 2003-11-12

Vortex-OS Linux Developmental Version 0.7.0-1 Released

0.7.0-1 Was released today. It actually allows the program to cycle thorugh it's entire program before closing (no errors).

There is another nasty error though: some entries in the linked list get courrputed (that's what cause the seg fault).

Read bug "[ 840192 ] Deletion Error" for more info.

Posted by Cody Harris 2003-11-11

Vortex-OS Linux Developmental Released

It has been sitting idle for a while on my hard drive so i decided to gzip it up and release it. Actually, for something so-uncomplex it's quite a nice improvement. It's the first release of the "Linux Class". I'm just flexing my new found C++ skills. Maybe somebody can help me? I have a few questions. Basicly just go and download 0.7.0 and follow the instructions in the release notes on SF. It doesn't do any disk IO yet so all the launched programs are virtual. These programs do NOT actually exisit. They just create the program information and then delete them. There is one bug, although i havn't ironed it out yet. Segmentation fault. Got to fix that. I don't suggest running this program many times as it will likely chew up memory. Lots of work to do before the next release.... read more

Posted by Cody Harris 2003-11-11

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