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Debian package installation glitch

When issuing 'dpkg -i vnumlgui_0.7-1_i386.deb', you might get the message :
"cannot create dhelp file '/usr/share/doc/vnumlgui/html/.dhelp': no such file or directory".

To solve this problem, you can either :
- use the tar.gz source package
- issue 'mkdir -p /usr/share/doc/vnumlgui/html/' before running dpkg.

Please, note that the source package is the preferred method of installation and has 'uninstall' feature.
Binary packages are very experimental for now.

Posted by Michel Blanc 2005-07-29

Release 0.7 out !

A new release is on track, containing several improvements. Check the release notes for more informations.

Posted by Michel Blanc 2005-07-28

Release 0.4

Here is release 0.4.
Please, see the release notes.
Also, note that there is a small glitch in the Makefile.You'll have to issue 'make -i' instead of 'make' commands.

Posted by Michel Blanc 2005-07-05

Alpha Release 0.3

This release has much more features than the previous one :
- Open implementd
- Simulation run from the GUI
- Almost full VNUML 1.5 language support (notable exception : <host> tag
and lots more.

Posted by Michel Blanc 2005-06-29

Alpha release !

This is the first 'release' of vnumlgui. It has been produced for testing purposes and is really *far* from being complete/tested/stable.
A lot of features are missing (like 'Open'...), a lot of dialogs are crappy, a lot of code is broken... but all in all, it should give you and idea on the direction of the project.
Use with caution, and avoid productions systems.

Posted by Michel Blanc 2005-06-23

First alpha release close

Development is rather fast paced. The first 'alpha' release will have the following features :

- handle application configuration
- map drawing (VMs and Nets, no 'Host')
- save config (not load, not run from GUI)
- configuration syntax checking

Alpha release should be available around June 24th.
As with all software planned releases, your mileage may vary... a lot :)

A ROADMAP file will soon be added to the CVS repository, and will detail future plans.

Posted by Michel Blanc 2005-06-16

What is it ?

vnumlgui is a GUI for VNUML (see\). It will help you manage your network simulation without the pain of XML writing.
A basic knowledge of VNUML should be enough to create and launch simulations.
First releases are expected for this summer.

Posted by Michel Blanc 2005-06-16