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KDE support

The new release supports the KDE envirronment.
You can build it with kdelibs or with qt only, as you want.

Posted by Vincent FIACK 2001-09-04

Table creation improved

In this new release, you can set up primary keys easyly, and you can edit the query before executing it if you want.

Posted by Vincent FIACK 2001-08-21

New Release

This new VMySQL release corrects a bug that made it crash at start if the LANG envirronment variable was not set.

Give it a try !

Posted by Vincent FIACK 2001-07-25

Internationalization added.

Here it is. I've translated VMySQL into english, added support for locales and made a french one.
It is possible to add any language, you should contact me to add your own.

Posted by Vincent FIACK 2001-06-09


I just made a few screenshots from the current version. You can see them here : http://vmysql.sourceforge.net/

Posted by Vincent FIACK 2001-06-08

Minor corrections

The new version is available from the package directory or from CVS.

Posted by Vincent FIACK 2001-06-08

CVS repository availaible

I've just understand a few things about CVS, so i imported the repository into sourceforge.

Posted by Vincent FIACK 2001-06-02

Nasty bug corrected

The 'database selection' bug that caused the program to crash under certain conditions is corrected, thanks to happyharry for having found it.

Posted by Vincent FIACK 2001-06-01

First release

Here we are !
This is the first public version of vmysql.

Posted by Vincent FIACK 2001-05-30