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This version will delete empty service schedules during file loading and will require entry of data while creating service schedules.

Posted by EricW 2014-03-07


It may seem odd that I skipped a release number from 2.4.2 to 2.4.4. There was a previous release (2.4.3) that was not made public. The unreleased version added the ability to verify a system's Java can open the web browser. In addition, labels should no longer be truncated, decimal fields should verify correct format and composition, and the report editor now clears its data when closing a file prior to opening a new file.

Posted by EricW 2014-02-08


I repaired a bug with the Service Editor not adding a new service after deleting another service.

Posted by EricW 2011-11-01


One not so minor bug was corrected: the generator report would not be properly exported to a web browser in Windows.

Posted by EricW 2011-04-04


Wow, it's scary to think that I released the last version 4 years ago! Where has the time gone? (rhetorical question) The most noticeable addition is the Report Generator. The minor changes include preliminary work on internationalizing the decimal, repairing the version checker, allowing multiple line selections for the Select Services (Maintenance Editor) and Available Services (Schedule Editor), only one line allowed for the Selected Services (Schedule Editor), and a few minor instances of code cleanup.

Posted by EricW 2011-01-02


There is one minor bug addressed in this release that the vast majority of users will not probably not encounter before the next significant release. The bug prevents archiving a property (that is not the first or last) when more than two properties exist.

Posted by EricW 2007-01-05


This release addresses 3 minor bugs and 1 extra feature. The 3 bugs are 1) a mistake for the file conversion that lost the comments for each property, 2) the inability to add a new property to an existing file, and 3) the inability to add a new fuel or maintenance record at the end of the list. The extra feature brings the fuel log (if open or minimized) to the front after closing a fuel editor.

Posted by EricW 2006-12-05


Wow! It is scary to think that I have not released any updates for over a year. Definitely not what I had planned. The report generator is not implemented in this release, but some work has been started on it. The two main changes in this release are the ability to archive a property to a seperate file and remove all unused services and vendors. Also, multiple odometer entries will use the date, then order entered, for sorting (since my odometer broke on my car). Miles per gallon will be computed using trip mileage (if any) before odometer. Bug fixes include the duplication of property service schedule, canceling color preferences selection, the text cursor not matching the color scheme, and editing a vendor name. Thanks to fhmiv for helping with bringing the maintenance editor to front after the services selection closes and the maintenace log (if open) brought to the front when the maintence editor is closed.

Posted by EricW 2006-11-02

Down Time

As can be seen, I have not done any development for several months. This is due to my writing a doctoral dissertation, defending my graduate work, job hunting, moving, and starting my first real job. Thus, development will resume. I have noticed a couple of bugs along the way that I have begun to address. Also, the first version of the report generator is being added and the ability to archive property. I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

Posted by EricW 2006-07-04


This release modifies the gui slightly by moving the menu commands for subwindows from the parent window to the subwindow, as well as, the preferences interface. Also, the bug of all properties with an image show only the first properties image has been resolved (user needs to reload images, though). There have been minor tweaks with interoperability between subwindows, such as any fuel and maintenance modifications will immediately update the maintenance monitor. In addition, the code has been reorganized.

Posted by EricW 2005-09-29


This release adds two minor features and small bug fixes.

The two minor features are:
automatically save on exit (disabled by default)
automatically check for a new version (disabled by default)

Posted by EricW 2005-06-20


VMT2 has been released. This is a complete rewrite.

Please post in the forums requested reports to be generated with examples.

The user's chosen color scheme is not complete, but is effective for most of the GUI.

Posted by EricW 2005-06-04


I am not entirely content with the code I have written. So I will release the program as a beta until I am content with my code structure.

This is a new look and is completely rewritten from scratch. Some aspects are not activated yet (such as Reports and automatic saving).

VMT will be called Versatile Maintenance Tracker and can track more than automobiles (ie, buildings, boat, planes, etc.).

Posted by EricW 2005-04-13

looking for beta testers

I'm probably still a couple months from finishing VMT2 (which will soon stand for Versatile Maintenance Tracker). However, I will put the call out for people interested in beta testing v2. You do not need any programming experience, just the uncanny ability to find bugs in software. If you're interested, please e-mail me with what property (more than just vehicles) you would use VMT with and why I should consider your application. I will not make a decision about who will test until I'm ready to send the program to the testers. I will (eventually) respond to everyone who applies. I'll accept about 10-20 people as testers.

Posted by EricW 2005-02-10


Updates a bug with the schedule editor not removing a scheduled item.

Posted by EricW 2005-02-10

Bug Found That Corrupts Data File

I hate to say this, but everyone who has created a new data file with VMT has unknowingly created a bad file.

I did not detect this earlier since I created my test data file manually and the creation of a new data file was the last feature added to VMT before its first release. In fact, most of the bugs people have reported center around this aspect.

The problem is that all three items generated under Other Services have the same id number (12). I assume this occured because I use copy and paste as a shortcut in my programming.... read more

Posted by EricW 2004-10-22

starter file removed

The starter file would not help if more than one vehicle was to be recorded; thus, the file was removed. v1.11 should fix these bugs.

Posted by EricW 2004-10-07

starter file added

There are two bugs, working together, that prevent a new data file from ever using the maintenance scheduler. Under most circumstances, the user would never see one of the bugs, but could detect the other bug.

Therefore, I have uploaded a starter data file that should correct this problem. The starter file is intended to replace your current data file. It is a generic file with almost no information in it.... read more

Posted by EricW 2004-10-07

Disabled Tracker

I did not like the Tracker. So I moved all the messages to the Forums. From now on, the forums will be where all discussion occurs.

Posted by EricW 2004-06-30


Fixed bugs when "Cancel" button is used.

Posted by EricW 2004-06-13

Main Release (v1.0)

This release contains all the major features I was aiming at. There are two bugs that I know of, but most people probably will not encounter them. They are on my to-do list. Please report any bugs you find. From here, documentation will be added and some tweaks to the GUI. Later, I will consider a new file format due to new features. Of course, any change in file format will include an updater.

Posted by EricW 2004-05-22

Initial Release (v0.5)

Still has some features missing and bugs do exist. Please report the bugs you find.

Posted by EricW 2004-05-12