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Version 2.0 is out!

Lots of changes!
I've started programming from scratch, and here are some of the new features:

- n-ary set of symbols
- multiple windows (MDI)
- huge workspace (10000x10000 pixels) without a memory issue
- ability to edit your own machines
- execute machines n times (where n is undefined)
- use expressions, for example n+5, to execute machines
- execute machines at desired speeds
- statistics to see how many instructions were executed and how much tape was "used"
- easily translatable to other languages
- developed using MVC pattern

Posted by Gajo Csaba 2007-05-30

Home page

I saw other projects posting "news" like this, so I'll post it myself. I've made a home page for the project! Just click on 'Home page' on this page, or go to
It's on Tripod because I couldn't log in to SourceForge's server to upload files :/

Anyway, the web site features the entire Javadoc documentation of the project, as well as nice advertisements from Google. Visit my home page cause I'm afraid they might shut it down if there aren't enough visits :(

Posted by Gajo Csaba 2005-06-23