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Visual FoxPro Functions/Class Libary / News: Recent posts

Planning Stage

Im still in the planing Stage on how to organize the Project Tree.
I have some software developed just for me and my project but they need to be tuned and documented so someone else could use em as well ..
-Database updating tool
to scan different development states of a database and generate some code to update a remote database ( at a costumers site) to the current state ...
- log file generator ( class) to easely add logging abilities to your project ... e.g. log.addlog("we are doing ..")
- some more functions .. like scanning a directory tree for some files and returning an array of the file names (relativ/absolut)

Posted by Thomas Baehr 2001-10-30

HELP wanted

If you like to support my idea and have some useful things for VFP ( functions/Class and so on) just join the team.

Editors for help files might be welcome later too.

Tester may be needed soon.

Posted by Thomas Baehr 2001-10-19