#6 creation of urls is sometimes incorrect...

Thom May

From the project page on mod_virgule, i clicked on the link for person:raphael. this generated http://demo.linuxcare.com.au/acct/Raphael/welcome.html - which took me to *my* account editing page. Obviously (I think) the correct URL should be http://demo.linuxcare.com.au/person/Raphael/welcome.html


  • Thom May

    Thom May - 2000-10-12

    Actually, I'm totally lying about clicking on "person:raphael" - I clicked on "account:raphael" which generated the above url. I have no idea though, why raphael would show as an account and not a person. Ah well, cvs check out for me tonight...

  • Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton

    ah. that's because it wasn't person:raphael, it was acct:raphael. this was due to the earlier crazy "login" stuff. so, i had to go in and hand-edit the site files to remove all references to acct:raphael and replace with person:raphael. argh.

  • Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton

    • assigned_to: nobody --> lkcl
    • status: open --> closed-fixed