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New version out

Finaly got around to doing it, there is now two files, one is an installer, with just the files you need to run vircd, the other is a zip with the source code and everything, it now minimizes to the system tray, which alot of people asked for, also fixed a few things here and there.. post in the fourms if you find any problems

Posted by AMBient 2002-06-14

Thanks for keeping the project alive

hey guys not really sure how many people keep reading this, but im glad to see people are still getting into this project, i started getting back into it when i posted that last msg, but then i joined the marines and ive lost all my work i did, so im starting again, shouldnt take much longer cuz i still rember what im doing kind of, (lol) , im just real impressed people still download this program with all the other ones out there.. so i guess i have no choice but to help out and update it, i have ignored a few emails and such i got because of my temp 'away-' but please use these msg boards so i can keep reminding myself of what needs done, thanks... read more

Posted by AMBient 2002-05-23

Update soon... (9.29.00)

little update soon, hopefully, it will include minor bug fixes, and the ability to hide vircd in the system tray! woo, what fun, by the way going to moroso this saturday! cya there!

Posted by AMBient 2000-09-29