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Demo success

We had our big demonstration today, with many people passing by our 'stall', asking questions, and providing feedback.

VMM-R was used in a live performance situation, with a four track sequence created on the fly using a MIDI controller keyboard and an old Korg M1 as the sound source.

Nothing crashed, no notes hung, and the software performed flawlessly (in a carefully controlled manner) for four hours.... read more

Posted by Matthew Harrold 2006-10-04

Demonstration Day

We are having a demonstration on October 4th, 11am to 3pm, Centenary Building, UTAS Hobart.

If you're within Segway lean of Tasmania, come along and see the program in action (if we finish it on time).

Posted by Matthew Harrold 2006-09-20

Development now with Subversion

Hi, we've moved our development from Uni servers to Sourceforge Subversion. The latest source for VMM-R will always be here now.

Posted by Matthew Harrold 2006-09-17

Release 1 canned

Release 1 was an educational exercise, and as such is not worth releasing to the public. With virtually no useable functionality and a major redesign, we felt it was a waste of time.

Instead, we will wait until Release 2. The advantages of this are mostly for the development team workload.

Stay tuned.

Posted by Matthew Harrold 2006-09-07

Status update: Release 1

An initial release of ViMMeR will happen in the second week of June, and will be called Release 1.
It will provide a basic demo of the engine, and gui, but with large parts still to develop.

Posted by Matthew Harrold 2006-05-18