pkxl2 - 2014-06-30

I had a similar issue. The problem seems to be, in the ftplugin/latex-suite/, that the regex searching for \input only searches it at the line beginning (^). I usually have indented inputs, therefore it breaks. I've just remove the ^ from the regex, and added an ugly hack to support the \subimport command from the import-package. Works for me.

>     # ugly hack in order to support \subimports
>     # TODO take the subdirectory of the subimport into account for further inputs/subimports
>     subimportPat = re.compile(r'\\subimport{(.*?)}{(.*?)}', re.M)
>     contents = re.sub(subimportPat, r'\input{\2}', contents)
<     pat = re.compile(r'^\\(@?)(include|input){(.*?)}', re.M)
>     pat = re.compile(r'\\(@?)(include|input){(.*?)}', re.M)
Last edit: pkxl2 2014-06-30