#82 Pagination does not update with AJAX

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When a page (in the browse tab) is only recreated with AJAX and not reloaded completely, and "Maximum items per page" is set, the footer information "xxx displayed" does not update.

Page switching is also affected through that, e.g. when your "Maximum items per page" is 60: You display 40 movies on one user, switch to another user with 80 movies, the link for the second page is also missing until you completely reload the page without AJAX.


  • Andreas Goetz

    Andreas Goetz - 2008-10-19

    First part of the fix has been committed to CVS. However, functionality still needs fixes if you're on page>1 when switching filters. Don't have time for that right now...

  • Stefan Geisseler

    You recreate 90% of the page even with a small search result, so why using AJAX at all here?
    The search query shown in the url does not fit the content at all this way.

    Switching to another page also reloads the whole page.

    I cannot see any improvements in 3.0.2 for the first part. The only thing it does now is removing the "records" count when switching the content with AJAX:

    "Page 1 of 3 » records."

  • Andreas Goetz

    Andreas Goetz - 2008-10-27

    Which template?


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