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VGMToolbox r590 Released

-= NEW =-

[ADVANCED CUTTER] Add Sega Saturn SDDRVS.TSK preset for SSF work.

- Add option to try all combinations of sequence (SEQ) and tone data (BIN) for identifying matching pairs.
- Add drag and drop functionality for source paths.

-= FIXED =-
[ALL] Updated target to x86 which should resolve any issues people with 64-bit OSes have had. Previously, VGMT would simply crash due to a 32-bit .dll.... read more

Posted by Snakemeat 2009-10-18

VGMToolbox r535 Released

-= NEW =-

- Add tool to extract SEQ/VH/VB data from files for making PSF sets.
- Not perfect yet (but "pretty damn good") and need to add proper SEP extraction. VB extraction is very slow.
- Add tool to extract SQ/HD/BD data from files for making PSF2 sets.
- Not perfect yet (but "pretty damn good"). BD extraction is very slow.
[EASY PSF DRIVER EXTRACTOR] Add tool to extract SEQ/VH/VB from Easy PSF Driver sets. This should make updating sets with the original driver easier.
[DATAFILE EDITOR (WIP)] Incomplete tool to allow editing of Datafiles, currently only Delete works.... read more

Posted by Snakemeat 2009-08-23

VGMToolbox r491 Released

-= NEW =-
- Add .nds to 2SF converter. Drag and drop your NDS file(s) and wait for the 2SFs to be created and STRMs to be extracted. Any other stream formats will not
be extracted (SWAV, ADX, etc...). Files will be optimized and duplicates removed.
- Add NDS class for simple file parsing and serial number generation.
[PSFSTUBCREATOR] Added a PSF stub creator to build driver stubs. Not perfect, but working ok.
[MIDIEXTRACTOR] Added a MIDI class and a MIDI extractor to extract MIDI from other files.
[VABSPLITTER] Added a PSX .VAB file splitter. Splits .VAB files into .VH and .VB files.
[GZIP] Added gzip compression tool for experiments or whatever.... read more

Posted by Snakemeat 2009-08-04

VGMToolbox r440 Released

-= NEW =-
[VGMTAGGER] Added a Tag Editor for VGM format files. Works just like the xSF Tag Editor.
[2SFTAGCOPY] Add V1 to V2 2sf tag copier. Good for migrating your tags from the old format to the new format.
[ZLIB] Added zlib compressor/decompressor for use in experiments or whatever. Gzip coming soon.

- Update to allow volume adjustments. Just click the volume box in the list and alter it.
- Added duplicate checking. Duplicates will be marked red and unchecked from the list for ripping. The first instance will be kept of course.
[CDXAEXTRACTOR] Large overhaul of CD-XA extraction code. Now checks for silent blocks and filters nonmusic data. Also added configurable silence detection for files that use very few silent frames to delimit files. May be a little slower because of silent block detection, but it also skips processing of non-music blocks which speeds things up.
- Updated to work with S98v3 tags since they use the same format. This also affects the Tag/Info Viewer, so you can know update S98v3 tags there too.
- Added "Generate Tag from Filename" functionality, similar to the "-tf" option with psfpoint.exe
[SIMPLECUTTER] Added Batch Mode to allow multiple files to be dropped. Great for trimming headers off a bunch of files or any other bincut batch type activity.
[HOOTAUDITOR] Updated to properly parse the incoming UTF8 xml and to output the file and display results in UTF16 for proper handling of international symbols.... read more

Posted by Snakemeat 2009-07-18

VGMToolbox r400 Released

400th revision! Here's what's new:

[HOOTAUDITOR] Added an auditor for Hoot XML files and your sets. Scans your Hoot XMLs and tells you which sets you miss. Be sure to check the "hoot" subdirectory under VGMToolbox for a text file of the output. Great for searching for incomplete or missing sets.

- Added the ability to edit tags for xSF files from within the "Examine/Exploration Tools> Tag/Info Viwer".
- Added an xSF file tagger in "Misc. Tools>xSF" for single or batch tag editing.... read more

Posted by Snakemeat 2009-06-25

!!BUGFIX!! READ NOW!! VGMToolbox r387 Released

Rebuilder would delete files even if move to output failed. If you used the Rebuilder DOWNLOAD THIS NOW!

[PSFTIMER] Updated nonloop tracks to have zero sec fade.
[HOOTAUDIT] Add Hoot Auditor. Non functional.

Posted by Snakemeat 2009-06-14

sdatext r8 Released

Fixed a bug where SWARs didn't exist causing a crash when trying to extract SWAVs from them.

Posted by Snakemeat 2009-06-11

VGMToolbox r384 Released

- Added 2SF Maker. Automatically rips, optimizes, tags, and times 2sfs from an SDAT. Also allows the user to choose which tracks to optimize the SDAT for (good for weeding out SFX).

- Removed Ceiling functions from the timers to get more accurate loop points and end times.
- Added an option to PSFTimer to automatically double the timed value for tracks that do not contain loop markers, but instead loop the entire track. The tool cannot detect if the entire track is looped, only your ears can tell you.... read more

Posted by Snakemeat 2009-06-11

VGMToolbox r363 Released

Been a lot of changes "under the hood" to make certain developments easier.

Fixed incorrect label.
Fixed loop information in SWAV header. Thanks hcs.
Add preset loading and some presets. More to come and Save feature will be added soon.
Fix issue with Terminator Bytes overflow.
Added GENH creator.
Added GENH to formats for DAT file use and examination use.
Added a simple checksum calculator for drag and drop CRC32/MD5/SHA1. The VGMToolbox CRC32 will also be calculated for supported formats.
Fix bug for empty init banks.
Added a file searching tool that will search for files in folders and archives. It's useful for looking in directories full of game packs for a specific game.
Added HES and KSS to the Hoot XML creator. An .m3u is required. Also added a search for .m3u files if the source is GBS/NSF.

Posted by Snakemeat 2009-05-09

VGMToolbox r322 Released

Bugfixes from my last update. PSF2 stuff should work again in this version.

Posted by Snakemeat 2009-03-31

VGMToolbox r320 Released

[PSFTIMER] Added more fixes to work with bad rips.
[OFFSET FINDER] Added some new options for terminator bites and other cut options.

Posted by Snakemeat 2009-03-29

sdatext/2sfTools Updated (2009-03-28_1900)

sdatext.exe now extracts SWAVs from SWARs.

Posted by Snakemeat 2009-03-29

VGMToolbox r318 Released

- All GUI language has been moved to the .config file to allow for translation.
- Many internal changes to allow for some future command line utils.
- Added a PSF Timer.
- Added a CD-XA extractor.
- SDAT Extractor now extracts SWAVs from SWARs.
- Added a check for the Python .exe before calling SSF scripts.

Posted by Snakemeat 2009-03-29

sdatext/2sfTools Updated

sdatext.exe has been updated to extract ALL of the files in an SDAT. A new 2sfTools pack has been uploaded as well containing the latest versions of all tools.

Posted by Snakemeat 2009-03-21

2sfTools (2sfTools_2009-03-15_1957) Released

Updated 2sfTimer to use bass.dll. This change has resulted in timing speeds improving by about 10 times.

Reorganized code to store .dlls in subfolder.

Posted by Snakemeat 2009-03-16

2sfTools (2009-03-14_2102) Released

[SDATOPT] Fixed PREP where SMAP was incorrect for empty files.

Posted by Snakemeat 2009-03-15

2sfTools (2009-03-14_0925) Released

2sfTimer, SDAT Extractor (sdatext), SDAT Finder (sdatfind), and SDAT Optimizer (sdatopt) all in one pack.

Posted by Snakemeat 2009-03-14

sdatext r5 Released

Better SMAP Output.

Posted by Snakemeat 2009-03-14

VGMToolbox r285 Released

*** NEW ***
Can now double click on any output window to open it in your default text editor.

Added SDAT Optimizer, GUI still lacks some features of the commandline version. This tool will zero out unneeded file in an SDAT to allow for smaller 2sflib files.

Fixed bug where unnamed BD/HD files were being named DEFAULT.Sq.
Fix for filenames without extension.
SMAP output now includes more information.
Added more signature bytes for SDAT to prevent false positives.
Added option to extract the Reserved Section in addition to the compressed data section of an xSF.

Posted by Snakemeat 2009-03-14

VGMToolbox r240 Released

Added a Generic Offset Finder and simple cutter tool to help extract files from large container based on signatures.

Double clicking on the output box will now open a text file with the output in it.

[SSFMAKEFE] Added auto extract functions using kingshriek's and
[SSFMAKEFE] Added code to handle multiple tracks per sequence automatically.
[SSFMAKEFE] Updated DSP handling and allowed for DSP to be designated.... read more

Posted by Snakemeat 2009-02-21

VGMToolbox r226 Released

[2SFTIMER] Added the option to time for a single loop.

[BIN2PSFFE] Added minipsf options to the bin2psf Front End.

[SSFMAKEFE] Added SSFMake Front End. Functional, but needs some additional work to capture the process output and check DSP RAM values. Functionality for and has been verified for files where they are both in the same file. If not, they should have the same file prefix to allow for automatic pairing.... read more

Posted by Snakemeat 2009-02-12

VGMToolbox r217 Released

Added PSF2 SQ Extractor. Simple tool that extracts the SQ files from CSL rips and renames them to match the source PSF2. Useful for timing with other tools.

Added a bin2psf.exe front end for faster PSF creation.

Added an SDAT finder to assist in extracting SDATs from larger archives.

Fixed the 2SF Ripper and Timer bugs.

Fixed XSF2EXE bug in output file size.

Posted by Snakemeat 2009-02-01

VGMToolbox r207 Released

[GUI] Added a horizontal slider to the Examine form to allow for more view space when the window is expanded.

[PSF2 to PSF2LIB] Added code to handle subfolders inside the psf2 file.

[PSF2 to PSF2LIB] SQ/BD/HD file comparisons now use MD5 + SHA1 + CRC32 to minimize the chance of incorrect matches during optimization.

[2SFTIMER] 2SF Timer has been added to VGMToolbox.

[ALL] Cleaned up the use of the relative "." in pathing use.... read more

Posted by Snakemeat 2009-01-30

sdatext r2 Released

Fixed extraction of files with empty (but existing) symbols.

Posted by Snakemeat 2009-01-30

VGMToolbox r197 Released

Quick bugfix.

[PSF2 to PSF2LIB] Made some big changes to rename internal files according their CRC32. This prevents problems with duplicate file names, and also saves space by eliminating duplicate entries in the lib file.

Posted by Snakemeat 2009-01-18