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Veto - VErsioned Tests Overseer / News: Recent posts

New (minor) release 0.03

Improved shell test framework and modified documentation and tests accordinly.
Added the $test_prefix variable to allow greater control over
the test file names.

Posted by Oren Ben-Kiki 2002-09-11

Migrated to Perl

I re-wrote the whole script in Perl. This reduced the size by about a third. Also created a whole new test suite, using smaller, simpler tests (since I was working test-first this time).

Posted by Oren Ben-Kiki 2002-08-28

Enhanced documentation

An EXAMPLE section was added to demonstrate a possible work scenario.

Posted by Oren Ben-Kiki 2002-08-21

First version

The first version was uploaded to, including CVS, documentation and project home page. I've turned off the mailing lists and forums for now; at this early stage monitoring them seems more trouble than it is worth.

Feedback is welcome! Just E-mail me directly (my address is available in the documentation).

Posted by Oren Ben-Kiki 2002-08-20