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New Version Coming...

Unfortunately, my development box took a dive a few weeks ago, so I was left without someplace to work on Verifier until recently. I've got a spiffy new machine now, so development will continue.

Things to look forward to:
-Filelist Creation
-Options Menu
-Integration with Windows (shell extensions, file associations, etc)
-Some Refactoring in preparation for a command-line version of Verifier.

I can't promise any particular release date, but I'm hoping to get it out within the next few weeks.

Posted by Jay 2004-09-07

Verifier v0.2 Released

Version 0.2 of Verifier has been released to the public. This release focuses on some bugfixes and building up of the base application.

Upcoming releases will include file verification list creation, a settings GUI, and Mono support.

Posted by Jay 2004-07-05

Verifier v0.1 Released

Version 0.1 of Verifier has been released. Verifier is a .NET SFV, MD5, and VerifyXML processor/validator. This is its first release on SourceForge.

Posted by Jay 2004-07-01